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(((Cuck, the Admin King)))

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There are few who deny I am a true Cuck Admin, for my impotence is known far and wide
When it comes to banning shitposters from the forums, I excel without ever even trying
As I let offended pussies mold our social norms, I have seen our memes grow sick and weak
Time to time, I let some banter get through, but I cannot bring back shitposting
And week after week, they reduce us to normies, today "OOC insult rule", tomorrow something more
And I, Cuck, the Admin King, have grown so very tired of being bullied.

Oh somewhere deep, inside of my ass, a rustling pain, starts to amass
Niggers, and fags, play on this server, as the banter is dispossessed
I will ban our memes, I'm disgusted by them
I won't stop the kikes' advance
Told Lenny in a warning, "your maymays ain't charming"
"I won't wake up from this trance!"
And you say "you are childish, don't hurt him for being turkish!
I will support the shitposter's castration!
OWL can go downhill, and turn into MTA:RP
Because "this is just a game, bro...."

But who here, could ever understand, that the Cuck the King, who despises the memes
Is secretly afraid, that all he loves will soon be gone, and knows all too well
Which side he should be on?

Oh somewhere deep, inside of my soul, I know that I shouldn't ban this troll
My mainstream respectability, will never save this society....



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My fellow gr4p, I see you are startled

for yet that my success is clearly not settling well with you

for how much I would love to just see you get completely bottled

i'd much rather remain calm and just know that who

hates me, despise me, will never effect me


i understand that you may be triggered plainly because i do my job

but i long to hope that you'll eventually understand

that i'm doing what i should be and i'll never stop

if I have to forum warn you or hide this thread then so be it, i'll be damned


just know that making threads like this,

is eventually going to lead to a ban



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