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Dealership Rules Update; March 11th, 2017


Dealership Rule Changes:

-  Dealership employees, management, and friends/family (ICly or OOCly) of the employees/management may get first dibs or exclusive imports/deals from the dealership but MUST include detailed information in the requistion of who the adjacent vehicles will be sold to. VT has discretion in enforcing this rule and may close your dealership down if not enough detailed information has been given to who you're selling the vehicle(s) to and for what price. VT also has discretion to deny any vehicles you request for yourself or anyone else depending on the current factors in place. In addition to this, your dealership -should- prioritise customers orders over your own personal acquired vehicles through your own dealership.

-  You may not sell vehicles at more than 25% on top of their stock value (This only applies to vehicles you acquire through VT - You are free to price vehicles you buy from players as you please within the rules).

-  Foreign imported cars that are right-hand drive (RHD) and are imported into the US via an Import type dealership can only be legal when held for an extra week after the delivery date. Some foreign imports are simply incompatible with the US Road System and will be street illegal no matter modification.

- Brand dealerships get a "lock" on newer vehicles made by their brand, for example, if they sell Mercedes-Benz', only they will be able to sell Mercedes-Benz' made within the last 3 years. Any Mercedes-Benz that's 2013 or older in model year will still be able to be sold by anyone.


Dealership Rule Additions:

-  As a dealership you're required to join our Dealership Owners discord server to keep up-to-date with live updates, banned imports, notifications and requisition assignments.

-  Usage of the website "www.carsforsale.com" is prohibited by all dealership types.

-  Usage of the website "www.craigslist.com" is prohibited by all dealership types apart from Junker type dealerships.

- Your dealership will be given an F3 with the dealership type and is only for this use. Usage of the F3 for anything not dealership related may have your dealership shut down by VT for abusing the given support; depending on the severity and usage.

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Dealership Rules Update; November 12th, 2018

(effective after 15th)

Unbanned Nissan S13/S14.

Banned Kawasaki Ninja H2.

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