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UAT ran NPC illegal faction?

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@xxx I was giving my opinion of the matter. And you saying it's my assumption of my earlier post? It's was my general opinion having seen favoritism and biased choices on samp and MTA. So I wanted to be sure when this is added it won't co e to the above. That's all. 

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6 hours ago, zollarr said:


You're asking for opinions, then asking for proof once we give them.


I don't have to prove anything, it isn't my community. This doesn't involve me, nor will it bring me back to illegal roleplay. Judging by the response and the ideas in motion that are visible I can say that very little will.

I'm offering what I feel is the issue at hand and you'd rather have me point out definitive evidence rather then place a little bit of trust in your playerbase.


You want to change something so you agree at the very least that something involving illegal RP should be changed for the better, but the better of what? If people are complaining about illegal factions so much then something must be wrong at the core.


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By the looks of it you're probably gonna go ahead with the new system so good luck. Maybe it'll help spice things up for a few of the new factions laying around. But as somebody who's done illegal RP for years it's gonna take a lot more then that to bring me back.

Why wouldn't I ask for proof when you make claims of bias being an issue with an idea that isn't even implemented yet? All you said against the idea was that so I tried to respond about how that isn't an issue but you are trying to blast me for not having trust in the players. I'm merely responding to your concerns, don't take it so personally. 


You point out how we made threads asking for feedback from players to improve things as if that is only a sign of bad things. Doesn't it show pro activeness? You also have no offered any solutions about this, just pointed out problems and claim "the core" as having issues.

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On 12/19/2016 at 9:36 PM, Novanard said:

I believe, people who work solo, like me, should maybe get drops from NPCs, like I dont want to belong to any faction, but I still got my own contacts that I need to produce weapons for, If I buy from the streets, the price is high already, and I need to take my 2-3grand profit, which makes it more expensive and harder to sell. I know this may end up with people working solo with no factions but, maybe make it for people who really been around solo for a long time which is 3 months at least.


Then buy from the producer, such as official factions.

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By the way, just want to note that we didn't forget about this or anything. We just didn't feel like it was a necessary thing to do after @LokiHavok's sweeping changes to how FT handles the Virtual Market.


You can read about that here:


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