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Kendrick 'Kenny' Tyson

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3 minutes ago, Serxcobar said:

"unique" name



Agreed it is a bit mainstream, but the character is old. If i made a new one it'd be more original i guess.

Appriciate the feedback tough

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14th of June 2017, Kendrick Tyson was last seen entering Liverpool's General Store with a Glock 19 drawn in his hand.

His facial expression was rather calm and unnatural on such situation.

At 7:56 pm, two shots were heard throughout the vicinity, coming from said General Store.

Kendrick remained very calm while inside, making simple demands such as cash or items. Both the cash and items were tossed into his backpack, which he threw onto the ground. Shortly after, several sirens are heard from the exterior.

It was all going according to plan. He'd soon be arrested and re-unite with Kendrick 'Slick' Johnson inside County Jail, whom had betrayed Liverpool Savages earlier on, along with executing enforcers within the gang.

Kendrick is last seen kneeling himself infront of the store's glass doors, placing the Glock 19 infront of him while interlocking his fingers.















(The person greeting Kendrick is not 'Slick'.)

(( @Glatoos @Diogo @senseidoge ))

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