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Kendrick 'Kenny' Tyson

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Kendrick Tyson





Background and Early Years.


April 21st 1994, Kendrick Tyson was born. Son of a Jamaican mother and African American father, Kendrick was looking to follow his father's footsteps as he always wanted to be someone in life. A relativly good student with a decent behavior, Kendrick's childhood was pretty standard in the Jefferson suburbs where he had a lot of good friendships around, even tough violence was always around the corner. Shortly after turning 10 years old, he saw his father getting murdered infront of his eyes on a drive-by shooting that was intended for somebody else.

He felt his world collapsing as he began to tear up, holding his father's hand while desperatly calling his mom for help. Shortly after the emergency services arrived and attempted to revive his father, sadly, unsuccesfully.


Moving and Teen's.


A few years after his father's death, Kendrick was forced to move out with his mother wich was unemployed at the time. Finally settling at Liverpool Street in Ganton, Kendrick started having a bad time in school and his focus decreased significantly leading to him failing 8th grade two times. Desperate to help his mom financially, he resorted to selling whatever he could get his hands on, wich mainly included weed, cocaine and heroin. From this drugs, the one he ever consumed / smoked was weed, wich he does reguraly till this day. Eventually dropping out of school, his main "job" now was hustling.

In the mean time, his mother had gotten sick, and treatment was extremely expensive and out of Kendrick's budget. Shortly after, his mother had died, wich led to a depression wich put him in a really bad place.


Darryl , Howl and Sinner's.


Kendrick was around 17 when he first met Darryl Johnson. There was something on him that just made them "click", maybe the fact that they were so similiar. Since the beggining, Darryl has always supported Kendrick getting through his depression, wich in a way, made him appear to be his bigger brother, even tough Kendrick was a few months slightly older than Darryl.

Still living in Liverpool, Kendrick then had his first contact with Jamal "Howl" Howell, a member of a Grove based gang, called Sinner's. They both cruised nearly everyday on his green '64 Chevrolet Impala SS and Kendrick started hustling a few jobs for Sinner's, eventually starting his iniciation process, wich envolved him getting beatten up by the Grove gangsters as a proof of character. Succesfully passing, he lived a pretty dangerous life, where drive-by's and turf disputes were pretty common. Around this time, a drug deal gone wrong ended in a chase by police that nearly ended in his death. Somehow able to escape them, he decided it was time to go "under the grid" for a while, untill things settled.


Present days.


Now aged 22, Kendrick finally returned back to Liverpool Street,  where he grew up and made him what he is today. It was with great sadness, that he saw Darryl's house severely damaged by fire, wich he later found out that was retalliation. After finding a few of his old friends, they put him up to date with the situation that had happened, where he found out that Darryl had been killed on a gang shooting not so long before his return to Liverpool.

He then walked torwards Grove, when he noticed that no cars were around, including the '64 green Impala owned by his long time friend, "Howl". He still isn't sure if "Howl" is alive or not, or if Sinner's are still up and running. All he could assume, is that they moved away to another neighborhood to try and lay low after a few events.

He returned to his old house in Liverpool's Block B, where he is still living to this day.


Early 2017 and Liverpool Savages.


23rd January, Kendrick has signed with a local record label 'Lynch Kings Records'. Releasing his first two tracks 'Dark Actions' and 'Grindin' Everyday' (feat. Boss Terry), he plans on making a full album and achieve recognition from part of the Los Santos citizens.

Later on he met Jerriel 'Jerry' Thorton, also a Liverpool resident as they immediatly clicked and got along. They both started hustling whatever they could get their hands on and eventually upgrading onto another level, as they'd both develop an idea to place Liverpool Road back on the map, and so they did. Liverpool Savages were born, a gang composed by a majority of african-american males & females of their 17's to 23's, they have a reputation to show an agressive attitude torwards Liverpool outsiders and a long time dispute against the law enforcement of the city. The gang deals with drugs like cocaine and marijuana aswell with weaponry.

The Liverpool Projects harvest this gang as their main territory.


( Following updates are bellow on the comment section. )

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3 minutes ago, Serxcobar said:

"unique" name



Agreed it is a bit mainstream, but the character is old. If i made a new one it'd be more original i guess.

Appriciate the feedback tough

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14th of June 2017, Kendrick Tyson was last seen entering Liverpool's General Store with a Glock 19 drawn in his hand.

His facial expression was rather calm and unnatural on such situation.

At 7:56 pm, two shots were heard throughout the vicinity, coming from said General Store.

Kendrick remained very calm while inside, making simple demands such as cash or items. Both the cash and items were tossed into his backpack, which he threw onto the ground. Shortly after, several sirens are heard from the exterior.

It was all going according to plan. He'd soon be arrested and re-unite with Kendrick 'Slick' Johnson inside County Jail, whom had betrayed Liverpool Savages earlier on, along with executing enforcers within the gang.

Kendrick is last seen kneeling himself infront of the store's glass doors, placing the Glock 19 infront of him while interlocking his fingers.















(The person greeting Kendrick is not 'Slick'.)

(( @Glatoos @Diogo @senseidoge ))

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