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[Guide] Using passive RP to develop a character

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Using Passive RP to develop a character!


What you can accomplish by reading this tutorial:

I'm putting this tutorial together so new players to owl can learn a nice way for them to develop a character for that character to learn new skills, sayings and expressions. Now this guide isn't going to give you all the knowledge but I plan to set out some ways I've passively RP'ed developing a character in the pass and even to the present. I hope this guide can help people understand more about using passive RP to develop a character.


So let's start.


Before the start of this guide, do you understand what passive RP is?

Passive RP is where you roleplay on your own using objects around you as a way to create role-play, this can be accomplish for example:


/me reaches his right hand inside the kitchen unit, taking out a glass from the second shelf, placing it onto the table.

/me reaches himself over tot he fridge, slowly opening the door taking out the Jack daniels

 Now that example is a very basic little bit of passive RP, by passive RP you're roleplaying with only yourself essentially, nobody else around you.


Using Passive RP to develop a character

So this type of RP is really simple and it can be RP'ed according how you like to role-play, but say you want to make your character stronger, using passive RP at the gym can allow you to RPly progress the character, same with going out for a run and other various tasks. A big example of this is in illegal RP, to start with your character RP'ly won't know shit (Unless you RP a cartel, then you're different.) but say you start as a simple criminal, you'll RP robbing a bike and you get caught, then using passive RP you can then plan a better way to go about stealing a bike, hopefully this time not to get caught by the police.


These are only examples but the concept is there, anything you RP can be used for character development, so why not passive RP at a gym? then you can develop your character and start to change parts about him. Another example of character development using passive RP is I had a character that I RP'ed over eating, then I RP'ed him getting fatter and made him really obese, that's another great example of using passive RP to develop a character.


Hopefully this guide can give people some RP ideas and maybe push for more passive RP to develop characters, sorry if this thread has spelling mistakes and grammar, it's 5:30am and I had a spark in my head to write this, I'll fix it when I'm more awake later on.


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You can also passive RP with another player or player(s), you do this by not actually... doing anything, for example cooking food together or doing things that don't a actually advance your roleplay in any way or have a 'goal'.


RPing by yourself is always a tough thing to manage, it can be extremely boring but it is very important to make sure your character is a -person-, not simply a robot until other players arrive and can interact with them.


For people who have characters that do jobs (Mainly SD here)... roleplay waking up and having breakfast before going to work, do it every day. Take time out to go home for lunch, or even to Starbucks for a stupidly overpriced sandwich. Drive home at the end of the day and RP climbing into bed.


Passive role playing in the above ways will flesh out your character and as a whole make your roleplay experience a lot more rewarding.


Figured I'd add my two cents @Unitts

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