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[SAN] JGC UNDER ATTACK- Fatal shooting at the mall

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JGC UNDER ATTACK- Fatal shooting at the mall

Los Santos, October 8th 2016



The streets of Los Santos are plagued by a number of nerve-racking gunshots as Ex-Deputy of the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department, Mia De'Matteo, frightens the visitors of the 'Club X After-Party' with a maniac entrance. The attack at the JGC mall results in her death, leaving everyone in awe. The crazed attacker approached the mall not long after midnight to make demands at the entry of the club. She was able to be stopped by a security guard, Mike Finnigan, after she pulled a firearm. Mister Finnigan managed to preserve the club and most importantly its visitors from any kind of damage by holding the attacker down until she was shot down by a deputy. 

The gunshot wounded De'Matteo fatally and officials were able to stop the situation from further escalating. It is assumed that the woman was mentally unstable, yet it remains unclear whether she had a motive for the attack or not.



By Delilah Arellano

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