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Appreciate a Staff Member!

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First of all muchas gracias to any and all administrative staff for keeping on with the keeping on. Great job so far, YDY.
That said, I'd like to especially thank the ones I've had the most contact with:


@Vubstersmurf -  For being a gem.

@EPICxNUTS - For having the patience to deal with my whack  RP logs.

@QueenC - For being a merciful beast.

And big love to the scripters.

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@Vubstersmurf - for the quick answers whenever I need them and for liking my doggo pics


@QueenC - for always helping out whenever I need it the most. Even when I make 10 reports one after another


@CoronaCanadian - just sexy af


@EPICxNUTS - for when I steal cars he always comes to open them up 


@DrJoseEviI - my hitler I love you. Fuck me with your cane


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1 hour ago, EPICxNUTS said:

It's alright boys not many people like me




Sorry, we don't like the admins whom leak top secret admin information and continuously MG after being warned about three times. :Shrug:

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Whilst C has been unable to hop into V due to not being able to run it, she has had a consistent presence in the OwlGaming Discord and it feels like she, genuinely helps bring the community together, with jokes, fun and no one is left out. So props to @QueenC, not many people have that attribute! ;)


@Vubstersmurf: For their ability to multitask, by which I mean switch out of roleplay and into admin duties, perform these tasks well and then go back to what she was doing.

Steady, efficient and elaborate.


Oh yeah both people are pretty nice too, that's always a plus. Nice couple friends I made over the past few weeks x x


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2 hours ago, BremboBG said:

@Mutt377 - lad is super chill, gave us enough time to do what we had to more than once. 
@Crane - became an awesome admin from an awesome player

I agree. @Mutt377 is a very dedicated admin and a fine addition to the team too. 
@Crane is a mong but I still love him
@Vubstersmurf is the best UA there is, anyone who thinks otherwise is purely wrong. Listens to players and needs, takes it up to the rest of the team. And likes our RP and uniforms and stuff x

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@Chaos @Daniels @Vubstersmurf Honestly, I have spoke to all of them not to much ; well, vubster a little more than the rest and over all I would like to just say I appreciate everything that all three of these admins do. Especially, Daniels who works hard with the scripting and updating of the server to make it the best it possibly can



Brendan Mathers.


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thanks for fixing the bugs I created.... Appreciate it dude.



Also ? ? ?


For the most talented people I know when it comes to programming. Happy to be able to learn from all of you. Learning something new every day :)
@Chaos @Daniels @Yannick @Courtez 



As Daniels says best:


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@Yannick Heads up for my yannickboy15 best friendo ❤️ Good admino, good scripter, good good.
@ShadowSix Heads up for her good screenshots :P 
@Crane @Awesome MY MATES!

Shout out for @Jer for his gucci scripts. Good news and camera script but you still gae :P :P (forgot to mention the binoculars. Now we can watch erp from far enough finally.)

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