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                          -             1.1


  •            If you're not interested in character development or any other kind of development this faction is definitely not for you, as we thoroughly focus on our Character Development and at the same time Faction Development.
  •            Passive role play is the soul of this faction and such things as Character/Faction Development wouldn't happen and its definitely one of those things that OwlGaming is starting to miss and should definitely be brought back. And that's what we will try to do but if passive role play and sitting in the hood and role playing a certain scenario be it; dice, cards, and so forth isn't for you. Sitting AFK and waiting for the scenario to finish wouldn't be looked up to. 
  •            This faction and its members tend to execute me's and do's almost continuously too boost our own role play skills and the ones around us as well. We would love to pull in more people towards the passive role play side.


                -             1.2


  •            If you are new to role play or want to try something new and you're not sure how to role play in such a faction or you have any other issues about learning about this kind of role play, especially if you are new. Please let me know!
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