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2006 Dodge Magnum SRT8

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Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle




Year: 2006

Make: Dodge
Model: Magnum SRT8
VIN: 8523
Mileage: 15284
It's like marmite, you love it or you hate it, for those that love it; It's a great vehicle for transporting people. It can slide- depending on the way you drive it, so be-careful to the buyer! Also to those that control it can have some fun in the corners. The vehicles acceleration is good, it's not fantastic, but who cares, right? The top speed is around 206km/h

Image of the vehicle:



Starting Bid: $12,500

Minimum Increase: $500
Buyout: $25,000
Auction ends: 20th May, 2016 / When buyout is met.
Contact Information: Given at the end of the auction.


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9 minutes ago, Demon1 said:

Name: Chris

Bid: BuyOut

Congratulations 'Chris'! You have won the auction with the buyout bid ($25,000) Contact #534656 to arrange a pickup time!

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