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[ARTICLE] Anthony Kendro's Funeral

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** The IP would be traced to a coffee shop in Ireland **


For those of you who were at the funeral of our member, Anthony Kendro, you know a man in uniform fired 3 rounds to the sky. We at the Libéral Army of Los Santos take full responsibility for the murder of Jennifer Clark when now deceased member Lik Buk of the Libéral Army of Los Santos shot her in the head with a .45 ACP round and the 3 rounds fired. Anthony Kendro or General Red/Rojo was a faithful member until the day he committed suicide. For anyone who attempts to denounce us as a Terrorist group, you would be completely wrong, Lik Buk did what he did to fight the corruption of the state. General Rojo was a great marksman, taking on numerous Guerrilla battles against corrupt members of the LSCSD. Men and Women have given their lives to our cause. To fight the corruption of the state. We will continue these actions until we have cleansed the ranks of our government from corruption. 

Thank you for your time.

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