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[SLRR] Show off your builds

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Saw that people were posting "build threads" of their SLRR creations on here, and that people were getting annoyed with people posting seperate threads for their cars. Since I've been playing (and compiling my own version) alotta SLRR recently, thought I'd start this thread.

Pretty simple, show off your cars. Whatever details you wanna add in, fuck it, add them in. :)

My current builds:

1994 Honda Civic EJ2 - K20A2 Swap:




Standard K20A2 Swap

Skunk2 shocks and springs all around

3SDM 0.05 17" Wheels

245/20 R17 Stretched Bridgestone Potenza RE002's


1996 Nissan Silvia S14 - 2JZ GTE Swap:





1996 Silvia S14 Zenki

Kouki Rear Light Swap

Fifteen52 17" Wheels

265/20/R17 Stretched Continental Sport Contact 3's

2JZ GTE 3.2 Stroker Kit

Around 670HP To the wheels


A couple other cars I've built but CBA to show off..46fbdc9fe6.jpg


Might update this when I've got more mods and made it look nicer.. If people are interested atleast, but yeah, show off your builds guys.. :)

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