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San Andreas Penal Code

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San Andreas Penal Code

Written by ThatGuy

Some portions are IC, some portions are OOC. Use your brain to decipher, context is key.
Firearm Act & Definitions
All firearm related laws adhere to a further definition as per the San Andreas State Firearm Act. All descriptions of the laws below are not the final legal definition. If there is a definition dispute, consult the courts.
Special Symbols
Serious felonious offenses marked with a star (*) to the left of the offense means the charge may only be pressed if the person killed is CKd. When a hashtag is used (#), that means the offense is against a peace officer and thus the crime's maximum punishment may increase by 0.5x.
Misdemeanors Transitioning Into Felonies
Two (2) misdemeanor counts with a minimum of two (2) hours each, is a felony. Once the charges turn into felonies, the time and punishment may increase by 0.5x.
Three (3) misdemeanor counts with a minimum of one (1) hour is a felony. Once those charges turn into felonies, the time and punishment may increase by 0.5x.
In cases where a misdemeanor is charged which has no minimum sentence (0), the time charged may count towards that minimum. So if someone, for example, was charged with three counts of Reckless Driving and each charge the officer wanted to press was 4 hours. 4 hours is higher than 2 hours so a felony may be pressed because two of them are over 2 hours.
Charge Stacking & Fines
Charges may be stacked. If someone had two weapons on them, they may be charged with WF002 twice. It is important to note that officers are not obligated to press all charges or sentence the maximum time or fine. The same applies to fines or tickets with the phrase "Up To" in front of it, meaning the amount of money listed is the maximum. There is no minimum.
To clarify ammunition possession, WF009 & WF002; ammunition may be charged by stacking it with ammunition in groups that are enough to be considered viable in an ammunition magazine. If someone has 20 bullets on them, they may not be charged with twenty (20) counts of possession, but they may be charged with two (2) counts of possession, as it is reasonable to consider twenty (20) bullets enough to fill two (2) pistol magazines. The ammunition charge count must also be in proportion to the capacity of the weapon and magazine under consideration.
Maximum Time & Fine
The maximum time that may be pressed is 14 days unless in the case of murder or attempted murder. There is no maximum fine. The script auto-limits it at 100k but if there is a criminal who has committed a particularly egregious offence and you need to press the full fine which is over 100k, speak to a UAT member who may /loginto their account and wire transfer the money to the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department.
Attempting Crimes

An attempted crime is one that wasn’t finished, which failed to achieve completion for one of two reasons:

  • The defendant did everything she set out to do, but failed. For example, she decides to shoot the victim, buys the gun, follows the victim, shoots, but misses. This is known as a “complete attempt,” or
  • The defendant does some of the acts needed to finish the crime, but is prevented from succeeding or decides to quit. For instance, the defendant takes the steps noted above but changes her mind at the last minute, or is prevented from continuing by the intervention of a police officer. This is known as an “incomplete” attempt.

People must take a concrete, substantial step towards furthering their intent to break the law before they will be guilty of an attempt. This is an act of perpetration, not mere preparation. So, for example, purchasing the weapon, without more, won’t expose the actor to attempted murder, but aiming it towards the victim and firing will.


A person can be convicted of attempting to commit only certain crimes—those that require “specific intent.” Specific intent describes the defendant’s state of mind, which is to achieve the result that the criminal statute prohibits. Specific intent crimes differ from general intent crimes, which require only the intent to complete the physical act. For example:

  • Murder is a specific intent crime because it requires the prosecutor to show that the defendant intended the victim to die.
  • Battery is a general intent crime, because it requires only that the prosecution prove that the defendant intentionally hit the victim, not that he wanted to cause specific injury or harm.

When charging for attempted crimes, you may punish up to half of the maximum punishment allowed if it was not an attempt. Penal code classifications remain the same. If someone attempts a misdemeanor, it is still a misdemeanor, and if someone attempts a felony, it is still a felony.


Unpaid Citations (Tickets)
With the advent of a new method to give tickets to players, whether to their characters directly or on their vehicle and players needing to go to the Los Santos Police Department Headquarters to pay their outstanding tickets, an enforcement mechanism must be applied. The following process has been created for players to follow and law enforcement to adhere.
All citations must be paid within 14 days. Failure to do so will result in the following;
1 Failure To Pay = No Suspension + VC052 (Not Required)
2 Failures To Pay = 4 Hour Suspension + VC052 (Not Required)
3 Failures To Pay = 12 Hour Suspension + VC052 (Not Required)
4 Failures To Pay = 24 Hour Suspension + VC052 (Required) 
Failure to pay a non-traffic related citation within 14 days shall result in a charge of MO041 (Contempt of Court).
License Suspension & Revocation
Any officer may make a reasonable determination if someone's license should be suspended or revoked depending on the severity of the crime or infraction, provided the crime or infraction is related to the usage of a motor vehicle. Some of the penal codes have mandatory minimums or maximums regarding these punishments so keep that in mind as well.
When issuing a suspension or revocation as an officer, remember that suspensions are for hours played in-game, not hours as a whole. So suspension for 48 hours may on the surface not seem like much if you take it as overall time but if you take it as time require in-game, it's a very substantial suspension. Additionally, a revocation allows someone to go re-apply for their license, so in most cases, a suspension is your best bet unless a note is made on their MDC after a revocation giving a date at which they may re-apply for their license at the DMV. Thus, them being caught driving with a license before that allotted time period means they are driving on a fraudulent license. 
Remember this is an RP server, the crimes and times are to deter crime, not ruining RP experience! You don't have to press maximum times or fines!


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Updated May 25th, 2016

Note, all of these updates listed have happened over the course of the last month or so. A summary is just now being filed.


Added concise language to describe what attempting crimes mean.

Created state law regarding jammers based on federal regulations.


Added a Fire Code Infraction section to the crime sheet with accompanying offences. (Thanks to Bircher, although I did have to modify it a bit :P )















Changed all language including "ticket" to "citation" to better reflect more realistic legal terms.

Created a felonious law to better protect law enforcement officers from traffic as per the request of the previous County Commissioner.


Created a blocking fire hydrant misdemeanor. (I felt this is a more general vehicle infraction, pertaining less to Fire Marshals unlike the Fire Code.)



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Updated June 7, 2016

Updated all crimes and times to have a lower fine and higher time.

All jail and prison time is OFFLINE time now.

Most felonies have significantly reduced fines at a cost of more prison time. 

All drug crimes have significantly reduced times and fines. This it to promote more criminal drug RP with the coming drug improvements.

Added felony and misdemeanor false imprisonment.


Felony is with force. Such as handcuffing while in the same room. If that person is then moved, that's kidnapping.



Misdemeanor is without force. Such as locking the door on someone. Blocking their car in a Pay 'n Spray, etc.

Added MO042 - Impeding Traffic.

Added SF020 - Human Trafficking

Added the law enforcement officer penalty (#) to more crimes which involve violence. 

This includes mayhem, sexual battery, armed robbery, etc.

Added footers to all section names to include the penal code abbreviation.

Serious Felonies - SF

General Felonies - GF

Weapon Felonies - WF

Drug Felonies - DF

Traffic Felonies - TF

Misdemeanors - MO

Vehicle Misdemeanors - VC

Vehicle Infractions - VC

Fire Code Infractions - FC

Modified the crime sheet's name to include the date at the top so you know when it's been updated.

Added MO044 - Blade Length Requirements

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Updated July 6th, 2016

Updated the definition of aggravated assault to be a bit more clear. For example:

Someone punches at someone trying to incapacitate them to rob them. That's aggravated assault, versus just trying to punch at someone because of a verbal dispute. That's just assault.

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Updated June 30th, 2017

Added VC053 so there is a Misdemeanor version of GF019 when the impersonation is done without harm or benefit.

Modified GF019 to "Public Official" to cover all government employees, not just Peace Officers.


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Updated September 15th, 2017

Added the Suspension & Revocation section describing how officers may suspend or revoke licenses for vehicle-related offenses in lieu of a traditional point system on a driver license. (because points are not able to be tracked as in real life, without script changes.)

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 Updated January 17th, 2018

Updated Nearly All Crimes With The Following

  • Added "Up To" in front of all fines and times, giving officers and prosecutors the leeway they need on some charges so minimum sentencing is less harsh. This shouldn't be used to avoid all fines and prison or jail time together, just reduce it.
  • Reduced the vast majority of prison and jail times and fines by half. Some notable exceptions are:
    • Citations were kept relatively the same with a few small tweaks like reducing $5,000 citations to $2,500.
    • Serious Felonies remained mostly the same with small reductions, mostly in their fines.
      • For example, life in prison was not reduced by half.
    • Some crimes like felonies which affect others like (not victimless crimes like drug possession) were only reduced by 1/3rd or around that much but their fines were still reduced by half for the most part.
  • Removed the parole sections from areas where it did not apply, like citations.
  • Removed all references to the "strike" system which was never used.
  • Made all headers bold and a larger font.
  • Fixed some typos (some items still had "ect" instead of "etc" and so on).


As always, if you have a suggestion or idea or modification you wish to see or want to point out a mistake that may be present, please shoot me a PM and I will be glad to try and accommodate you and improve our penal code.



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