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San Andreas Penal Code

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Updated May 25th, 2016

Note, all of these updates listed have happened over the course of the last month or so. A summary is just now being filed.


Added concise language to describe what attempting crimes mean.

Created state law regarding jammers based on federal regulations.


Added a Fire Code Infraction section to the crime sheet with accompanying offences. (Thanks to Bircher, although I did have to modify it a bit :P )















Changed all language including "ticket" to "citation" to better reflect more realistic legal terms.

Created a felonious law to better protect law enforcement officers from traffic as per the request of the previous County Commissioner.


Created a blocking fire hydrant misdemeanor. (I felt this is a more general vehicle infraction, pertaining less to Fire Marshals unlike the Fire Code.)



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Updated June 7, 2016

Updated all crimes and times to have a lower fine and higher time.

All jail and prison time is OFFLINE time now.

Most felonies have significantly reduced fines at a cost of more prison time. 

All drug crimes have significantly reduced times and fines. This it to promote more criminal drug RP with the coming drug improvements.

Added felony and misdemeanor false imprisonment.


Felony is with force. Such as handcuffing while in the same room. If that person is then moved, that's kidnapping.



Misdemeanor is without force. Such as locking the door on someone. Blocking their car in a Pay 'n Spray, etc.

Added MO042 - Impeding Traffic.

Added SF020 - Human Trafficking

Added the law enforcement officer penalty (#) to more crimes which involve violence. 

This includes mayhem, sexual battery, armed robbery, etc.

Added footers to all section names to include the penal code abbreviation.

Serious Felonies - SF

General Felonies - GF

Weapon Felonies - WF

Drug Felonies - DF

Traffic Felonies - TF

Misdemeanors - MO

Vehicle Misdemeanors - VC

Vehicle Infractions - VC

Fire Code Infractions - FC

Modified the crime sheet's name to include the date at the top so you know when it's been updated.

Added MO044 - Blade Length Requirements

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Updated July 6th, 2016

Updated the definition of aggravated assault to be a bit more clear. For example:

Someone punches at someone trying to incapacitate them to rob them. That's aggravated assault, versus just trying to punch at someone because of a verbal dispute. That's just assault.

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Updated June 30th, 2017

Added VC053 so there is a Misdemeanor version of GF019 when the impersonation is done without harm or benefit.

Modified GF019 to "Public Official" to cover all government employees, not just Peace Officers.


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Updated September 15th, 2017

Added the Suspension & Revocation section describing how officers may suspend or revoke licenses for vehicle-related offenses in lieu of a traditional point system on a driver license. (because points are not able to be tracked as in real life, without script changes.)

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