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Staff Roles and Responsiblities

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Roles and Responsibilities

Game Administration

Administrators, otherwise known as admins, are the gate keepers of the server. They ensure the rules are followed, should treat others with respect and in turn demand respect themselves. Their word when it comes to the interpretation of rules in any given scenario is the final say and they by and large maintain the quality of roleplay within the server.


Administrators fall under one of two categories, they are a manager or they are not a manager. No role is inherently better than the other when you look at how the admin team operates as a whole. Without managers, the general admin team has no direction or decision makers. Without non-managers there is nobody to ensure the server is running efficiently. They both go hand-in-hand.


Trial Administrator

  • Non-Manager, On A Trial Basis


  • Non-Manager, The Core Team

Senior Administrator

  • Partial Manager, Special Management Tasks

Lead Administrator

  • Manager, Primary In-Game Manager

Head Administrator

  • Manager of Managers, Manages Staff & Community Direction


Head Administrator

The role of a Head Administrator as a whole, shapes the community. They are responsible for the overall wellbeing of the server and mostly dabble in large decisions but may very well just as easily be involved in small decisions as they see fit for the betterment of the community. The amount of Head Administrators is generally kept low, between 3-4 at the current size of the community, showing an average of 100 players daily. They;


* Make community-wide decisions, they are the architects of the Owl Experience.

* Delegate tasks to administrators. Micro management is not the goal.

* Their votes are the final say for all decisions, including community changes and administration issues or changes.

* Are the Internal Affairs investigators.


Lead Administrator

A Lead Administrators are seen as the primary in-game leaders. When an Administrator has an issue in-game and there is a decision between a Lead Administrator and a Head Administrator and the issue is well within the scope of normalcy, the Administrator should seek the assistance of the Lead Administrators. They in general have a more in depth understanding of the day to day operations in the server because they are not worried about the community as a whole or the big picture as much, like the Head Administrators are. They;


* Are the primary Administrators to receive tasks from Head Administrators. In order to accomplish the tasks at hand they may tell other Administrators what to do, form temporary teams to research and solve an issue and in general, manage the lower Administrators.

* Should have a well rounded grasp of what is going on with the roleplaying and day to day intricacies of the servers as related to the players.

* Should be readily available to answer administration related questions from lower administrators.

* Manage the admin team from an in-game perspective by answering questions, giving advice, guiding admin situations, monitoring large RP events, etc. If they witness staff breaking rules, they are to make a direct contact to the head administration with a recommended punishment.


Senior Administrator

When it comes to Senior Administrators, their duties are the same as Administrators with a few distinctions. They;


* Have higher authority over regular admins when involved in an RP situation.

* Are responsible for handling private CK requests.

* Are responsible for monitoring and providing evaluations of Trial Administrators.

* May often have tasks delegated to them like Lead Administrators, the difference is the tasks given to Senior Administrators will be smaller in scope.



The Administrator is the standard in-game “problem solver”. They are the role taking the most reports, helping the players the most and are truly integrated into the roleplay community. They;


* Handle all standard reports of metagaming, requesting teleports, assisting with bug fixes, CK situations, etc.

* Assist Trial Administrators in-game as they learn.

* Help upper administration keep a beat on the server’s thoughts and attitude as well as compliments and concerns by passing information up the chain of command.

* Should not be afraid to speak to Upper Administration (UAT) or Head Administration (HA) directly if they have a question or suggestion to avoid miscommunication.


Trial Administrator

Trial Administrators are essentially the same as a regular Administrator except they are on a trial period. They have the same ability to perform certain tasks as a regular Administrator to help the UAT determine whether or not they are capable of being an Administrator.


It would make no sense to limit a Trial Administrator to not handling CK situations, only to promote them to a regular Administrator and find out they are horrible at dealing with CK situations.




- OwlGaming Community

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Bumping this as recently people haven't been following the chain of command. It's important that people don't go to the highest ranking admin for everything. it makes it very hard for us to get things done on our end and overwhelms us. 

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