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[Discussion] OwlGaming's Future & You

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I'd personally like to see a full server wipe, on a stronger host. Allow the economy to become fresh with realistic prices and no hourly paycheck system.

A full team of dedicated, possibly paid scripters to enhance work ethic. I know a great deal of people that spend more time and effort on OwlGaming then their current real life employment, so payment would seem logical but perhaps not practical.

The staff team needs a revamp. I'm talking a mass meeting, find out who lies in which direction right now. If you're not committed to the server or your staff position to give it 110%? That's fine. Thank you for your contribution and file a reinstatement when you've found that hunger and passion again.

If the server wasn't getting shafted up the ass. I don't personally think @@Chaos' departure would of had such a big impact as it did. As he's recognised as the most known and present face within our community we assumed he was doing all the work, in which some cases is true but do we ALL truly know what happens behind the scenes? I doubt it.

In terms of server management and their communication to the community. It's been appalling. If it's from server maintenance, an error within the script or an attack taking place, it should be within a duty and just basic respect to your community that you inform them of the changes to the servers status. I understand that we would not like to publicize an attack but it's better than leaving people in the dark and second guessing for different opinions and stories to spread around to the community which puts everyone in a panic or frenzy. It doesn't take much out of your time to write an announcement, heck.. this text so far has taken me eight minutes.

One of the main issues right now, and I hate to say it but it's ourselves ladies and gents. As a community.. and more importantly as a gaming community we share some of the same interests. It could be from gaming, meeting new people or just roleplay but we all do come from different backgrounds and past communities alike. When you speak of a community, the first few words that should come to mind are "Friendship", "Fun" and "Friendly". During the last few months, decisions and opinions have split us all in different directions, different groups who all will band together to help their friends. Now we have seen those groups clash together, be it from the LSPD to Illegal factions. Staff vs community or community vs comminity and staff vs staff.

It's been a downwards spiral for a large number of months and now we're at the so to speak.. "Big bang" phase. It's not going to be easy to recover from such a large blow like this one but that doesn't mean it's impossible to do so. Let's make positive changes together for the better of this community or we all leave together knowing we did our best to save what we have built up over the previous two years.

Man see I'm sad that a server that sarvived more than UG. Face a negative effect. Guys you as admins and stuff are good because you made OG to sarvive until now. So why don't take this as a bright side, and solve the problem. Guys you have many fans out there waiting to join the server so try to fix it guys. Because it'll be a loss for a good OG to shutdown. Please fix.
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honestly maybe the good thing here is having people leave the server and either join up with other communities or start their own ones - like I said most of the structural playerbase problems in owl lie pretty much in the fact that people can't get along with each other and are constantly at each other's toes vice-versa in IC and OOC situations letting one influence the other constantly.


another thing I'd really think we should do is start just banning people who willingly say they're not here to roleplay irregardless of how much they've contributed to the server - there's really a retarded clique of people here who pretty much survive on doing stupid shit and troll around ICly and then try to come off as tough guy rebels on the forums and in every ooc channel and I don't see a need for dudes like this in a server that claims to be roleplay.

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Server wipe is really needed.


But it won't happen because people will cry about all the money they have spent on GCs to MG. lmao

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