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[SAN] Business Woman Arrested On NINE Counts Of Murder!

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In the Early hours of December 18th, a young influential business woman, Sicilia Romano, 25, was brought to Los Santos Criminal Court to face trial for a grisly list of charges including:

  • Eight counts of first degree murder.
  • Possession of drugs including Methamphetamine and Xanax.
  • Possession of illegal weapons.

Though the trial is just beginning, it is expected to take somewhat longer than usual to conclude due to the nature of the case and sheer number of charges levied at the Defendant, with the Prosecution calling for life imprisonment and a fine of almost a million dollars to the Socialites accounts. 


Romano is alleged to have killed her then fiancée's illicit lover Vicki Davidson, 18, alongside eight other as of yet unnamed persons which has come to light after a startling confession obtained by Department of Law Enforcement officials. 


Romano is also alledged to have impersonated a Highway Patrol officer, having been found in possession of an Officer's identification badge. 


In a startling twist, the defendant also admitted to the gruesome amputation of a man's genitals which she later admits she then abused the late victim with. 


This startling and shocking case is undoubtedly garnering avid interest in Los Santos and indeed, all over the United States.

Families of the victims have been urged to come forward with any information they may have and have been ensured support by the DLE in during this difficult time.


A warrant is currently pending for the defendant's husband, Nicholas Romano, a current Police Department detective who is believed to have helped cover up the crimes using his position.


Police Corruption?



Detective Sergeant Nicolas Romano, husband to the named Defendant, is the new focus of the case that will likely lead to a corruption probe within the LSPD giving this case's startling revelations.


Los Santos Police Department has long been accused of many members of the public of endemic corruption, though relatively few cases have been brought to light due to public distrust in the Internal Affairs system and strong backing by the Police Union. 


Undoubtedly this case will draw more federal attention to the issue of Police Corruption in the United States.


This story has yet to receive comment from the LSPD or Highway Patrol, and a press release will undoubtedly be released soon.

Many are wondering just what High Command will do to combat corruption with this case bringing national attention.


The case is still ongoing and further updates will be released as soon as they are available.


-Zoe Killam

Head Journalist

San Andreas Network

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Name: Shroud

Comment: Fucking finally. Justice at last. #DeathPenaltyForSicilia #IndictNicholas #LifeSentenceForNicholas

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Name: Franklin
Comment: My future wife, btw nine is for amateurs

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