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[REQ] Brown Starfish.

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So, Here i am agian, after my last request about the brown starfish, the guy wich offered to make me the map didnt succeed. I've been waiting about 5weeks+ and now his pc is broken. So time to make a new request.I'm here making a request for my business the Brown Starfish, Located on the santa maria peer as the last building.I am planning to make a business here club/disco, for entertainment ofcourse and bringing more nightlife back into the city.Picture of the building


I want the interior to be unique, a one of a kind expierence for me and my customers.I'd like it to become sea themed as its located on the peer, and for the rest just as a club.Otterman told me he had once a interior with a pirate ship as DJ booth, If this could be possible i would love it!I wouldnt matter of its based on the alhambra interior, or totally custom mapped (wich i kinda abit prefer :D ) Also for security the metal gates at the door, and a VIP room located inside the interior.Then ofcourse basic stuff as a toilet and so onThanks for reading. [MENTION=7663]Bedirty[/MENTION] maybe? :D

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