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/call 911 OLD vs NEW

Should the awful new 911 dispatch be reverted to the old efficient one?  

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  1. 1. Should the awful new 911 dispatch be reverted to the old efficient one?

    • Yes, change the 911 dispatcher to be more efficent and logical!
    • No, it doesn't matter.

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You don't demand anything mate, its all democracy here. I'm fine with the current system, easier to work with and more of the necessary information is given..
It isn't even democracy.Just become use to the 911 stystem, and be prepared to state what department. We don't need a location, because #SuperFastTracking.
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New system is bad.if there's shootout in progress I'll be dead long before I call 911.Not that I was going to participate in that shootout, I'd rather have myself alive, but you know. IRL civillians are supposed to cooperate with police <_< Plus, if previous system took me about 10-15 seconds to complete a call, then new system is pretty messed up. Indeed, when I see several armed men, robbing poor guy (and every second counts) it's REALLY important to call my name AND write if I want to add anything. Maybe offer me coffee aswell? I'd appreciate that...Unfortunately MTA has it's own engine limits, so RP servers, which try to stay as close to realism as close as possible, still have to do some exceptions. This is like having 300 horsepower cop cars cuz half of the server rides heavily tuned cars that can outrun fighter jet IRL. Same here. Indeed, maybe IRL you call your name, maybe you even offer donuts to the cops, while talking on the phone, but this is just a game. Why not make prononsation of my name script wise? So like, when I call 911 my char automatically pronounces his name or something...I've already read opinion of PD on that topic and kinda it makes me mad. You know guys, it's weird that I am the one who should say that, but server isn't only about cops, but also civillians and criminals. Right now you put civillians under strike.YES, I DO REALIZE THAT IT'S BETTER FOR PD TO HAVE FULL INFO ABOUT CALLERS, but now step aside and look at problem from the side OF AN ACTUAL CALLER - in most cases while I'll be writing that call on my keyboard, whole fight will be finished lethally for either half of it's participants, or my char, as I will be shot for 'ratting stuff to pigs'.What does it mean for personally you? Well, I used to think that people who came to PD wanted to actually PROTECT people, but it now seems that some of them came just to play Rambo? Anyhow, here's the system:the less calls you have -> the less cases you solve -> the less help from PD. Do you really want that? Personally I stopped calling cops since that new system was applied. Hence, if something serious happens, I am risking my character to be killed (theoretically) and I still have 50% that no cop will arrive, duo to PD being busy. back in time when I had to write just 2 sentences, I had more chances to at least FINISH the call. So far I don't think it's actually possible. System requires way too much time, way too much efforts and way too much risk. So yes, I am AGAINST it.I do realize there was effort put by scripters and I respect that, but I still believe this is a step back in communication between PD and loyal citizens.Also [MENTION=1373]Undeadfellow[/MENTION]The topic isn't about calling scripters idiots or something, it's about improving gameplay. The reason why [MENTION=1199]Userone[/MENTION] raged is because system, that's been working fine for ages was changed and (look at the vote list) it seems that pretty much people dislike the way it works now. We respect the job that is done by the staff, but we also want game to be optimized in the matter of gameplay.

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Userone already requested an L&A about one page ago, just FYI.
Even though he raged, obviously, he still raised an active problem. Telling you again - look at the votelist - about half of server is against that new system...
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