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Warehouse Nightclub/Office space for sale!

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I've decided to sell this urban nightclub located in Temple, just across from the large Burger shot. It's fully tooled up with smoke machines, fog lights and strobes. As well as an upstairs VIP ROOM there is also a completely separate space, which consists of four separate offices and a reception desk, for whichever financial or managerial purpose could be most useful. The building and the facilities inside have been given a clear bill of health from the local authority, as is stated on a encased document when entering the property. As well as certain security protocols such as security camera's on the front door, there is a cue system set up on the outside to contain the ravaging crowds of revelers that are sure to storm to your establishment once you've got it up and running. PICTURES BELOWhttp://imgur.com/a/8yMrIStarting price: $50,000.Minimum raise: $1000Buyout: $70,000.

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