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Aliases: ertidog, erti, dirty-erti, matt, milf, oats, daddy


About me: I started my roleplay on UG, where I so beautifully played as a very "unique" black man named Jamal Rayshawn. I was a huge noob, but I just loved the aspect of RP. [MENTION=161]Kevin[/MENTION], the goon he is, introduced me to my first faction, which was run by [MENTION=99]Firebird[/MENTION] and [MENTION=112]Ray[/MENTION], where I would spend most of my time stealing cars, repping blue way too much, and visiting the ghetto booty.


I stopped playing for a while, then joined Owlgaming with a few of my homies [MENTION=10131]Joe[/MENTION] [MENTION=1193]DJPlasma[/MENTION] and [MENTION=1194]namecrazycat[/MENTION], on behalf of Kevin's idea to start a faction (A-town Hoovers).


Later on, after A-town died, I found myself joining the Montalvo connection, after that I started Nordic MC with the homies, and now I'm in Crook squad.


Just around before Nordic MC was created, I joined the faction management team, and the supporter team.


Fun facts: 3/4 of LEO players hate me. I like animals. I'm allergic to shellfish. I'm from the United States of Boston. I'm an expert at cleaning vans. I've never done heroin. I'm Italian. My favorite number is 27. I have a cat named Simon; RIP OG Princess. I like funk and rap. One time I got my hand stuck in a gumball machine; they had to call 911. The only sport I play is RSD.



My favorite song:




Favorite inspirational quote:


"With every McDonald's, there's a Burger King." - Jakari Reeves

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