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Residential - #4 Western Avenue, Marina

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CCTV Room:160x160_b89736b2186aab101c7392974c4405ec.png160x160_fc9c902bd48335b2a952cf27821e865c.png160x160_4615a3c8f481d3182c76a360a250bcf0.png160x160_0dd14584112a96f46e9e21decef98256.png160x160_4e900250beefee473fcf1d1bb1466980.png160x160_c814a1627b9ee06adffae4f716ced4af.png160x160_b044c56f09e77505c4e14baa4b8d3d29.png


Bidding Information:Starting Bid: $251,000Minimal Bid Increase: $1,000Buyout: $500,000Auction Ends:18 May 2015

Address:#4 Western Avenue, MarinaDescription:Beautiful 4 Bedroom, 2 full bath home. Huge Garage with a pool, large backyard included and full of CCTV cameras with a shed in the backyard feeding all the CCTV cameras.Private Bids: YesAuction Host Contact Information: 592-606ETsipar@saonline.sa((Forum PM))Bid Format

Contact Info:
Bid Amount:

Bids cannot be withdrawn, changed or edited after submitting.

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Starting Bid: $251,000Minimal Bid Increase: $1,000Buyout: $5,000
Name: TylerContact Info: 466-443Bid Amount: $5,000 (Buyout)
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(( Love the failed Typo of the Buyout, if that was the true buyout I would shit myself of the /sellproperty value after growing bored of living in it lol ))

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