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Name: SophRandom shit people call me : Sophina, Sophia, Jetze, Sop, Sofa, Delfin, Soap, etc.Location : United Kingdom, England.

I was gonna include a pic of myself but I don't think we know each other well enough yet guys, we should just stay friends for now. So here is this :soap-460x306.jpg?5e88be

I'm training to be a teacher atm and I'm currently teaching 4 and 5 year olds. It's gr8, love every second of every day ever. I'm in love with this girl called [MENTION=5081]Plurfect[/MENTION], you probably know her, idk. Delfins are better than rakuns, js.I've been roleplaying since a little bit before the split of vG but I'm still pretty nooby sometimes :chase: #imadebredisdoit

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