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A Fox has crawled out of a box!

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Ayy, wonderful people! Some of you might know me from some previous communities (or existing ones). It is I, BlueFox here - A new, friendly muzzle in the community :awesome:The site offered me to make a introduction post, and thus, this post has been made!More about me:

  • Quite friendly, once you get to know me :hot:
  • Hu-uge music lover! Especially Monstercat's songs! I like melodic dubstep, as well as some of that good 'ol airsynth.
  • Can script a couple of things, not much though.
  • Socially awkward and sometimes funny.
  • Likes to draw sometimes.
  • Photoshop "master", as he's friends call him.

I've been roleplaying for a quite a while now (2 - 3.5 years maybe?), and I wanted to try some thing different, something new. And that's how I found this server. I've heard about it an I've also seen a couple of scripts.Looking forward to hear from ya'll!---The Server's Bluest Fox.P.SHere, I'll play a song about me :nice:

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