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Grauman's Chinese Theatre (AKA: TLC Chinese Theatre)

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So, I've recently bought this awesome Historic Landmark of Vinewood, Los Santos (AKA: Hollywood Los Angelas) and REALLY want to convert it from a club to an actual Theatre. When I bought it the interior was a club, which I like but I wanted to make it realistic. If anyone is willing to take this project on I would be willing to come up with some sort of payment. The Interior will need the following:One Food Court w/ some tables and places to buy FoodTwo Restrooms (Male & Female)One Under-Ground Parking Garage big enough for 10-15 CarsOne Large Movie Cinema (Can be a separate interior, as the seats alone will kill the 250 Item limit combined with the other stuff)Picture of the Exterior:http://s29.postimg.org/937umflib/mta_screen_2015_05_15_22_59_10.jpgPS: If you need more pictures of the exterior feel free to take a look around, if anyone asks why you're there state that you're working on the Project for Dylanjeter1 and link them here. Thanks in advance...Payment is being thought out, I will need to save as many GC as I possibly can, so I will probably buy the mapping as an IC Blueprint if you don't ask too much...

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I've started working on this, here is what the finished the theater portion looks like.









Sucks that as soon as I got these maps added the LSPD's corrupt Detective Buearu seized it,think it's actually script wise for sale rigght nkw... GGM should buy it

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Still toggled, heh... I mean, I won't be using it unless I do like that Aiden2000 kid does and beg daily for an unban, but I honestly don't want an unban. So I'll likely have an Admin just go and Forcesell it and toggle it if GMM wants it, I'm pretty sure GMM could have some sort of use out of it.

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