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Kendrick Jenkings

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83777107_10.jpgKendrick "Kings" JenkingsFindbook Account

Chapter I: Early ages, the beginning of the crime-lifeKendrick Jenkings (born in Brooklyn, New York) is a nineteen (19) year-old male whose father died of pulmonary cancer in 2009. In 2010 his mother was diagnosed with depression and she eventually hung herself due to not bearing the stress anymore. All this events brought the Jenkings's children to a split. Jamacia moved along at her aunt Shaniqua Jenkings and her daughter Shanice Jenkings, Christopher ran away from his family and started a life on his own and Kendrick left to Cleveland where he grew up along with his cousin Derek and his parents.


After a couple of months Kendrick and his cousin Derek became best friends. At some point they discovered the cocaine and its effects, soon enough they were starting to hang with dangerous people around their area that eventually dragged them into a street-gang known as the "Paybacc Crips". Their affiliaion to this gang got them involved into drug deals, robberies, brawls and the worst of all, shootouts. At some point, after they tasted the pleasure of easy money, they decided to plan a big robbery on a jewelery shop not far from their block, and they did it, just that the plan didn't went how they expected. They were blocked inside with several police cruisers at the building entrance. In a moment of adrenaline they rushed out through the backdoor taking two separate ways in the hope of not being caught. Kendrick ran without looking backwards and finally he managed to escape, but when he tried he call Derek he got a dead tone, making him think at the worst, that maybe his cousin was cought or even killed by the police. So he managed to stay over night at one of his friends hoping that the next day Derek will come with a call but this wouldn't happen making Kendrick want to life the city in a rush. The only availble flight was to Miami, Florida. Without a second thought he took a plane ticket and traveled to Miami still thinking at what happened and where or what could've happen to his cousin.Chapter II: Vice CityWith the last of his money, Kendrick managed to rent an apartment in Miami and start a new life. Soon enough he met several influent people that helped him out with money in the exchange of him doing their "dirty work". After several months, Kendrick managed to earn their respect and trust, he was one step ahead in their organisation, he started to earn good money and now he had his own people for his "dirty work".


A year passed and Kendrick felt in love with the city of Miami, he found here everything he dreamed about, he managed to build the life he wanted. He was attending every single NBA match of "Miami Heat" as this team was his favorite team since he was a little kid, chilling on the beach with beautiful women, spending money in night-clubs. Everything seemed perfect, he was tasting the full joy of "Vice City".Chapter III: Home-ComingThree years passed in Miami, Kendrick was relaxing in his living room when suddenly he heard the name "Christopher Jenkings" on the news. He aproached the TV starting to listen carefully the report. After a couple of seconds he placed his palms on his head, tears starting to slide on his cheeks as he started to speak with himself : "This can't be true, this isn't -fucking- true!". His brother was found guilty in a case of arms trafficking and sentenced with life imprisonment. In that moment he decided to go back in Los Santos, to check on his sister and his family.


After two days from the time he heard the news he arrived in Los Santos. He went down at his family's house rejoining them with the hope of bringing the family's morale up and build a strong relationship between him and Jamacia.Chapter IV: Back in businessTime passed and Kendrick managed to settle down in Ganton, making himself paths to important contacts around the area and also between the corrupt detectives, even with that money was coming in small-time deals as the neighborhood was poor and afraid to buy or deal because of the several LSPD raids that sent several residents to long jail-time. Because of his "shadow" way of being most of the people around the area didn't knew about Kendrick's presence so they attempted to take revenge on Christopher by hurting Jamacia.


Soon enough this came to Kendrick's ears and on May 23rd 2015 without a second thought Kendrick opens fire with an Glock-22 on two black males at Crystal Projects. They managed to survive as the EMT's came soon after the scene and resuscitate them, but they felt into a deep coma with low chances of waking up. Later that night Kendrick's was detained with the charge of "Double Murder Attempt" and was sent to trial. Managing to inform his contacts about the situation and on 30 May 2015 Kendrick was found "Not Guilty" by the Superior Court of San Andreas due to the lack of evidence and the main and single witness was gone. All this situation gave Kendrick a lot of self-confidence and respect around the hood. The name "Kings" was now well known, thing that made people want to know more about him, and after they gathered more info about him they found out that Kendrick has good relations with several members of the two most dangerous gangs around Los Santos : "St. Francis Crook Squad" and "Los Flores Playboyz X3". //TO BE CONTINUEDPersonality and traitsWith a rather friendly personality, Kendrick manages to create strong friendships with people in a short time. Also he can transform love into hate in a matter on seconds. He can't stand betrayal, two faced or false people. The kind of guy that offers everything as long as the respective offers his help back. The people around him consider him a chilled person with a big respect and love for his family. Addicted to getting money and becoming a "hood-rich" he can easily get involved into a lot of actions that might bring some bad consequences.He loves playing basketball, as he was a part of the high-school team in high-school. Also he likes parties and hanging out, fact that makes him spend most of his time outside.His years in Miami transformed him into a more educated guy, always in the search of the good life far away from the ghetto.Family & Relatives[table=width: 500, class: grid, align: left]

Mother Adreene Jenkings (Deceased)Father Benjamin Jenkings (Deceased)Brother Christopher Jenkings (Alive)Sister Jamacia Jenkings (Alive)Paternal aunt Shaniqua Jenkings (Alive)Paternal uncle Darnell Jenkings (Alive)Cousin Shanice Jenkings (Alive)Paternal uncle's wife Florencia Jenkings (Divorced and location unknown)Maternal aunt Janette Little (Deceased)Maternal aunt's husband George Alexander Little (Unknown)Cousin Derek Little (Alive)[/table]

Character Theme

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