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[SOLD]2000 Honda Integra Type-R

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auction_vehicle.png2000 Honda Integra Type-R5942330808_fbafb2c48d_o.jpg[Make: HondaModel: Integra Type-RYear: 2000Top Speed: 160Mileage: USUS:163Description:Wonderful vehicle -In many ways. After the recent modification, I got bored with it, and not wanting to ruin its' originality, I've decided to hand it down. Slightly stanced - Modified with a K&N Air Filter.Images:W1OhJ2c.pngin1XAgp.pngStarting Bid: $25,000 USDMinimum Increase: $800 USDBuyout: $50,000Private Bids: NoAuction Ends: 16 May 2015Contact Information:stancedlife@gmail.com(Forum PM) /PH: 544588

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Auctioneer. The auction has officially ended, with Mr. Michael winning the Honda. I'll contact you immediately. ((As soon as the server pops up)) [MENTION=14448]XELL[/MENTION] [MENTION=17076]Jord[/MENTION]

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