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Derek Little

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Name: Derek "Dunk" Little

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[/TABLE]FriendsTo be continued(maybe). Character theme


BackgroundDerek Little known as "Dunk" around streets of Ganton is an afro-american male born in Ohio, Cleveland, America as a former crip member.Derek's childpast had hapend in his hometown as he witnessed many situations in his ghetto and was taught of loyalty for the family and never back it away.In Cleveland he started making at his young age 13 money by stealing DVD's, clothes and other miscellaneous merchandise for a living because he was influenced of hip-hop natural culture and NBA been inspired by it to start making money for his dramatized rich life.Kendrick was cousin of his that lived without parents at his house in Cleveland, due because he has lost a father that died at 2009 of cancer, and their mother because she hung herself.Derek's parents took him in so he wouldn't be left in orphanage.Kendrick's brother Christopher "Puff" Jenings stayed in Los Santos, and his sister moved out to New York to another family during that time.Derek and Kendrick most got involved in drug addiction and criminal maneuvers leading the as best friends.But as in 2015, Kendrick and Derek pulled a shop robbery in Cleveland with two motocross bikes, as during the robbery heist they've been interupted by the police, they both had split and went on their own ways with no way to trace each other back and dropping high-school anonymously as well everything else behind their backs.Derek gets lead to Los Santos because of a shop robbery incident and Christopher inviting him to his relative family that is reunited by him back on it's roots known as Jenkings.Invited there come there and meet all his other relatives but doesn't meet his expected cousin Kendrick.New people that Derek meets in Santos changes his life-style really early and plans his own organizations around the streets forgiving his own past.PersonalityDerek's been involved in parents arguments since his small age, becoming mean in many situations, mostly breaking himself in many arguments he made in school and high school.Inspired by NBA he loves taking his time and training on his basketball skills, having dreams for becoming NBA player, as well inspired to hip-hop which leads him able to rap.Derek since 15 has drug addiction problems to cocaine, and to marijuana due to his past he started using it with his friends in Cleveland's ghetto.As by now at nights of Grove street he's ruthless and independant in his actions to be found within his behavour for his drug addiction problems, mostly if he has spite for a bump and can't find to get it, leads him ruthless.RelationshipsFamily[TABLE=class: wiki-content-table]

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