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Supercomp Racing Tour is back with San Touring Car Series

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5d1989a180.pngA comebackSACMA Will be bringing back the Supercomp racing tour with two running championship. One for amateur license racers, and one for pro license drivers. Supercomp was dumped some time ago by SACMA, due to some legal issues, but now they will be bringing back this never-spoken racing series in a whole new glory. SACMA has announced that it will be mainly concentrating on Supercomp from this on, and will be doing less on miscellaneous events across the state. Down below you can find the technical specification for the both classes, as well as the driver roster. Classes & Regulations
Professional (San San Touring Car Series )Only SACMA pro-license drivers can attend the season. Car models are restricted to Sedans, with the maximum horsepower regulation of 350HP. All the cars will be running on a rather same kind of setup (similiar turbochargers & suspension components for example), and most of the vehicles will be built by RPMF Customs in the central LS. SACMA is suspecting the series to be highly competitive, which always pleases the spectators and the industry around motorsport.Professional Class Vehicular Requirements (STC15 Regulation)

Car RegulationsAll cars shall be built on a non-modified Sedan Platform that is a free to choose. Only cars with FWD or RWD drivetrain are able to enter the series.Drivetrain conversions are prohibited.All cars shall be built from ex-road legal cars or factory new cars. Chassis has to be intact.(( Car OOC model has to be SULTAN )) Mandontory partsRWD cars shall use Hollinger SG 6-speed sequential gearbox w/ LSD Diff.FWD Cars shall use Hollinger SF 6-speed sequential gearbox w/ LSD Diff.All cars will be equipped with Garret GTX2860R turbocharger. All cars will be equipped with Bilstein MDS 2-Way Dampers. All cars will be limited to / under 350HP with air intake restrictions.All cars must run on pump fuel (85 Octane)FIA Catalytic converter14-Point FIA Legal Rollcage.OEM door panels shall be replaced with Carbon fiber or sheet metalOEM interior mats and fabrics shall be removed.FIA Legal Bucket Seats with head and shoulder covers. (eg. Momo Daytona / OMP HTE ONE )FIA Legal 6-Point seatbelts (eg. Sabelt / OMP )45L / 12gal fuel cellYokohama Advan A005 280/650R18 Racing SlicksForgeline GA1R Open Lug rimsLegal PartsAll steering / support rods can be changed.Engine Control Units can be modified / changed.Air Intake units can be modified / changed.Exhaust manifold can be changed.Exhaust piping can be changed.Muffler can be changed.Engine internals can be changed.RPM Limit can be raised if needed. ( Can be lowered in request of officials in regards of BoP )Driveshafts can be changed.Springs are free to choose.Fuel systems can be changed.

Amateur Class Vehicular Requirements (Legends One-Make class)TBA

San Touring Car Series Drivers Season 3 Eric Martini @

MrPinkPandaMona McLaughlin @saku446Elizabeth Starks @CorleonRobert Bradley @JelleMatt Forsberg @EDR85Brandon Rylands @EPICxNUTSEdward Dabson Carley Parker @KentuckyFriedNuggets Kenzie McLaughlin @DevilRaiden Brad CollinsLegends Challenge Drivers Season 3Sebastian Duffy Kitt Larson Carlo Di Maggio

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