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Darnell Jenkings

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Name: Darnell Jenkings[TABLE=class: wiki-content-table]


BackgroundDarnell was born to Anastasia & Bill Jenkings in Ganton, San Andreas. He was raised in #15 Grove St, in a house he still owns to this day, but doesn't use. Darnell grew up very poor, however as he reached the age of 12, he began selling drugs, or make clever business deals to contribute to paying the home bills, and toys for himself. As Darnell proceeded through High School, he met a girl named Florencia, and a innocent relationship had turned into one where Florencia ended up pregnant at only 16 year sold. Darnell knew he had to stay involved in his child's life, no matter what happened. So he took matters into his own hands and began dealing with cheap vehicles, buying and selling them over again to help pay for his childs support. As Darnell and Florencia turned 18, they both moved to New York City, where they happily resided in a Brooklyn apartment for 8 years. As Darnell finished College, he picked up a career with ABC News, where he managed to reach the rank of Senior Journalist. In 2013, Florencia left the house with Shanice, and moved back to Los Santos after Darnell divorced her due to her depression and constant drug use, which had affected Darnell and his daughter, Shanice. Darnell had frequently came to Los Santos to visit with his daughter Shanice. In early 2015, he received a call while he was at work. Shanice notified Darnell that Florencia had gone missing, and hadn't been home for weeks. Darnell checked her bank account, which was still linked to Darnell's bank account as she had no credit, however not linked to Darnell's wealth, her bank account was drained, with the last purchase being a plane ticket, and the location is still unknown. Darnell moved back to Los Santos, where he now resides in Mulholland with his daughter, Shanice. He has affiliations to the city of Ganton, where the majority of his family is. Description/PersonalityDarnell is a determined person. Once he sets a goal, he goes for it until it's reached. He doesn't give up, nor does he make excuses. He lives for his family, and strives to take care of them as much as possible. He's very protective of his family, as well. RelationshipsFamily[TABLE=class: wiki-content-table]

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Guest AirG
RelationshipsFamily[TABLE=class: wiki-content-table][TH=align: left]Christopher Jenkings[/TH][TD=align: left]Darnell's troubled nephew[/TD][/TABLE]
Christopher hates you too uncle. :D#JenkingsFamily
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