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Update #2 - May 2015

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Upper Administration Team Update #2 - May 2015

Hello!Firstly, on behalf of the community leadership, I want to apologize for the last UAT update which was made and released quite rushy. I also would like to clarify my point when I came up with the following changes in personnel. It’s not because I’m influenced by any specified person nor I do that to save anyone from leaving nor to make anyone happy.After looking around and hearing around we actually see problems and now, after a couple of days considering various factors, we’re happy to announce once again the UAT Update #2 May, 2015:As you’ve already noticed, we have taken the next step of the reform of our staff teams with the change of our Upper Administration Team and along with this the former Internal Affairs was also disbanded.Head Administrators:ChaosBelgicaLivelethal Lead Administrators:namecrazycat (for FMT)Orion (for MT and VCT)Joe (for ST)Senior Administrators:FrancoPoffyFireBird (Just reinstated, already considered a rank down, as his previous position stands equal to Lead Admin nowadays)
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I'm glad you made the right decision [MENTION=1]Maxime[/MENTION] .

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