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Aston Kane Customs - For fabulous designs and paintings.

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lKvilbr.jpgWho Am I ..?My name is Aston Kane. I am 28 years old, and I am a Designer and Mechanic, proudly.. The Paint job guy.ZeeQ7Va.jpgWhere things happen.I work in Luxury Auto Works garage. Thanks to the owner Carter Evans who welcomed me very well and I am very happy to work with him and in his great garage.6e5Uy9u.jpgMy Designs and customs.So basically it starts with a paper and a pencil. I got a little office in my house that I get the designs going on it, and I get the last touch and the test of the design on my MacBook with PhotoShop. After that I print the turn the designs into thick shapes using my HP Designjet Z5400 Printer.Prices.I think our prices are pretty convenient compared to others. Custom Paintjob : 5,000$Customer Paintjob : 2000$ Surface Re-Paint : 500$Rims Re-Paint : 150$Windows Tint : 1000$Contact Me.Phone Number : #428090Feel free to call me at anytime.Proudly Sponsored ByLuxuryAutoWork_1798197_BS.gif

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