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Guest vancarcious

[General] - Put car in queue when someone orders it.

Do you think this should be implemented into the server?  

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  1. 1. Do you think this should be implemented into the server?

    • Yes, I like this idea.
    • No, I am against this idea.

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Guest vancarcious

[mheader]Script Suggestion[/mheader]What would be the name of the script?

Put car in queue when someone orders it.

What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?


Has said suggestion been seen on other servers before?


What is the suggestion?

When someone orders a car at a car shop, it should be placed in a sort of a queue where it shows up in the next rotation of cars. Right now you may order a vehicle and need it at that exact moment but end up having it never spawn so you're just waiting there hours and hours on end. To restrict abuse, you should only be able to order one vehicle, obviously, and there should only be a possible of 3 cars in queue to maintain the aspect of random cars showing up.​

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this script towards the server/gameplay?

It's just a quality of life change. If it's too big of a hassle for scripters, I obviously get it. But I think it would be beneficial and realistic, as in real life if they *really* don't have a car in stock they're going to make sure it arrives so as to not drive the customer away.

Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?


How would you go about implementing this idea?

-ps: a really easy way to solve this would be to make restartcarshops a trial+ command again not a senior+ command, so that when someone's been waiting for an excessive amount of time, it can easily be solved.

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Agreed. I waited ages for my SUV like it was literally hours. I wanna play the game not sit around waiting for a random script to decide when my car arrives
Just this, I mean if you admins can't be respawning the car shops for us players back in the old days, then at least do what [MENTION=1622]Koguchi[/MENTION] said and remove NPC car shops and let any other dealership controlled by players get to work extremely hard.
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