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Rule update, May 2015

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Rule Update

Hi,I've been working a bit on the rules, as they need some changes. I have also implemented the accepted Rule Suggestions. You can see those below.Server Rules:
13) Evidence

Upon the creation of a report, ticket or request, all screenshots and logs must be completely un-edited. Evidence is supposed to be clear and clean, which means no factors may be left out.Removing incriminating parts or parts which would lead to a punishment for you, may not be left out.If private or delicate information is being displayed, it may be provided to the handling administrator in a private conversation. This evidence must also be available for the Upper Administration to check it.


Roleplay Rules:

6) Always roleplay

This is a role-play server and no-one is allowed to force a situation to go out of character unless it's an administrator. If you attempt to slow role-play down (especially during a robbery) then you're also breaking this rule. "Role-play now, report later." is a great saying -- ensure that you continue to role-play even if you disagree with what's going on until an administrator arrives.
When entering a fight, it is at the liberty of the players to decide how they wish to perform the fight. The standard procedure will be to brawl, which is a fight done via the GTA physics. Players can, however, agree to perform the fight in an RP-manner, which is done with /me and /do. If no consensus can be reached, the players will fall back on the standard procedure.


13) In-character evidence

All actions, leading to the creation of in-character traces, must be followed by a clear explanation of what law enforcement agencies would see or find.This includes, but is not limited to, CCTV footage, breaking locks, breaking glass, civilians seeing things, ... It is at the liberty of the supervising administrator to add evidence where necessary. If none has been fabricated, chances are the handling administrator will fabricate some, based on the UCP logs. If you have not fabricated evidence or traces yourself, you may not contest th decision of the handling administrator. It is your duty to ensure the presence of this evidence!Evidence must also be provided outside the RP zone. CCTV's are to be roleplayed at all major buildings in the environment.


Criminal Roleplay Rules

3) Property robberies

All establishments in the server require permission to be robbed (excluding Government owned, as these are forbidden) from an Administrator+. In order to proceed with a robbery, you'll require a valid reason and any tools needed to perform the roleplay. Whilst robbing, you may take whatever you like in whatever quantity you can hold, however within realistic reason (i.e. if you were robbing weapons, you wouldn't roleplay taking a shops worth if you only had a small duffelbag).
Specific robberies & details:
Bank of Los Santos:
To perform a robbery on a small office, a Regular Administrator suffices. For the HeadQuarters in the Star Tower, a Senior Administrator must permit and overview it. Small offices only have cash registers and no safes, thus smaller amounts of money.
Requires a good reason and background and the weaponry taken will depend on the roleplay quality.
Faction stashes:
Has the same requirement as a normal robbery, but makes you eligible for a CK if said faction finds out.

When robbing a private property (owned by a player), the owner must be online on the character that has ownership of the property at the start of the robbery. If the owner logs during the robbery, it will be deemed valid and the robbery may continue. All items in the house can be robbed, along with generics which can't be picked up (will be given by the handling administrator).Law Enforcement Officers may break into properties without the owner online, if they have an official (on paper) search warrant issued by the Courts.Safe cracking is limited to players with sufficient knowledge and high quality roleplay is expected from the cracker. Safes are expected to be modern and a drilling machine will not suffice to break it open.


I hope you find these changes satisfying and that it may enhance your experience with OwlGaming. If you have any other suggestions, please post them in that forum and I will review them. It's only thanks to your input that we can look to enhance the community as a whole!Kind regards,-OwlGaming Community-Belgica

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