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Dupont Fashion Market Store

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The Dupont Clothing store near Verona Mall is now up in auctions. The property transfer as well as the end time for this auction will be 17th of May 2015The location is known and perfect. Everyone knows where this is located, hence makes it very easy to advertise. Julie Dupont, our custom tailored clothes saleswoman is not included, obviously!Starting bid: 100 000$Buy out: 4 000 000$CfrnvPG.jpgBX9mEZ2.jpgiNdme3B.jpgII45i8V.jpgrJg6DUc.jpg

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Guest Ariana
Name : scottcomment: if npc include, i would like go with starting bid
(( npcs are ooc... They are real people icly [MENTION=7896]Retro[/MENTION] [MENTION=38]Express[/MENTION] ))
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