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The Trifecta - YoungDup

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*The video is shot on a standard laptop webcam and opens with a black teenager, about 16, sitting in front of the laptop. He has a light blue bandana wrapped around his face, thus covering everything from his nose down. Only his eyes and forehead and visible. The room is dimly lit. The instrumental starts as he plays it on his iPhone beside the laptop.*






[0:00 - 0:50]


"We up here every day hustling. People who get in the way gonna get messed up, just the way it is. Every place got rules that people gotta follow, and these are our rules. This is some real shit. I don't just say shit to say it, it's got meaning. People gotta realize."




*He bobs his head lightly as the instrumental continues, "Taking a long time for this to kick off..." He says as he waits.*




[0:51 - 1:32]


“Let me kick it off by saying one thing


Only thing we know in Killowfield is sin


And police don’t test me with all the guns that I bring


So you better turn your back when I walk by


Cause you’ll turn to jelly if you look me in the eye


And I ain’t playing when I say we’re fucking mental


There’s a reason they call Killowfield death central


When my dick’s in your sister is the only time I’m gentle


So don’t ask anybody at Saint Francis for fucking directions


Or someone might pull you out the car and give a wallet inspection


And when addressed by me you better fucking call me sir


Cause you know Young Dup don’t want you to cause a stir


Last person that spoke ill of me got fucked up on the corner


Two hours later had a hole in his head in the coroner


And you better listen to the words that I’m saying to you


Because nobody is exempt of execution by the Killowfield killer posse


I wish good luck to any fronting motherfucker who tries to be sly and saucy




[1:33 - 1:45]


Listen – Ganton, Seville and the Killowfield


Where a gat is your only possible sword and shield


The trifecta that will break the hardest nigga down


Where crack-cocaine is bought and sold by the pound


And the only place where street signs tell you to turn around




[1:46 - 2:34]


I dare a motherfucker to try to fuck with us


We’ll toss you in the mill and grind you into dust


Try to look at me funny you motherfucking punk


Got my boy Spooky with my back, he got the pump


I’ll take on any rival if they try to fuck with me


You saw what happened to CBF, we had a fucking killing spree


Why can’t anybody ever take any fucking warnings?


I almost feel bad with all the mothers mourning


I’m only kidding, cause you know we at the funeral procession


And now Snoopy got his crosshairs on you with the Smith and Wesson


Hiding in the graves hoping to tap another Piru


Cause anybody there in their colors, they can die too


At this point it’s relatively simple and I’ll say it again


Anybody who flags the red rag cannot be my friend


And in fact it may even lead to your end


If you decide to be stupid and put on to my face


Like the young boy in Ganton who called me a disgrace


He said he’d kill me, got angry and said it in haste


I understand everybody sometimes makes mistakes


But now the boy’s dead and underground with the snakes


Like all the liars, snitches, thieves and the jakes




[2:35 - 3:04]


So when you come through be sure to be armed


But that doesn’t guarantee that you won’t be harmed


Mom got worried when I was walking alone in the night with the thugs


Little does she know that I’m the one that’s been busting the slugs


Only sixteen with thirty stacks in my hand


Girl next door saw me decked out, now she wants to get slammed


Gunshots outside while we’re doing the nasty in her bed


Mother walked in while she was giving me head


Ain’t seen her outside anymore, goes without saying


Don’t mean a thing to me, you know I’m still slaying


Unlike that boy Josh who got an infection


He can’t game anymore, burns when he got an erection




[3:05 - 3:17]


Listen – Ganton, Seville and the Killowfield


Where a gat is your only possible sword and shield


The trifecta that will break the hardest nigga down


Where crack-cocaine is bought and sold by the pound


And the only place where street signs tell you to turn around




[3:18 - 4:15]


Nobody in Killowfield is afraid to get their life taken


Because we know once we’re in the casket we’ll awaken


You can’t kill a Crip, you should know by now


We don’t die, we multiply and I’ll have the gun go pow


Rest in peace Smooth, you should know your killer is dead


Because there was no fucking way that bitch wasn’t losing her head


Fuck with any of us and you’ll get cut the fuck up


Mix your blood with the lean and drink it out a solo cup


When I pulled the trigger before, I used to hesitate


Now I don’t because I have to demonstrate


This is what happens when you try to hit my squad


If you pussies couldn’t touch me, you’re strategy is flawed


Because I was out on those streets every god damn day with my team


In fact, I even knew y’all were out with a scheme


But it didn’t fucking work, killing me was just a dream


Better luck next time, sorry to kill your self esteem


Killowfield with a murder rate five times higher


Fuck up around here and the consequences are dire


So I’ll warn you one last time with my lyrical fire


Don’t come through unless you’re a fiend or a buyer


Because you might just end up another statistic on a board


And this place is not like Middle-East, because peace will never be restored.”





*The the instrumental comes to an end, the individual in front of the camera slides out of view, the video cutting out shortly thereafter.*

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