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Update, May 2015

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Hello everyone,Today, we are taking the next step of the reform of our staff teams with the change of our head administration. The leaders of our community. Internal Affairs, as of now, is being merged into the Upper Administration Team, resulting in my induction and Maxime's return to the team. Without a functional leader of the GAT, Internal Affairs has not been running properly, it's scope has been broadened to fill the shoes of the GAT leader, so it makes more sense for us to actually run GAT.Livelethal will be joining the head administration to aid in the running of GAT, he is training his replacement, ThatGuy. ThatGuy's time in the administration team may not be as lengthy as some of the other candidates for the job, but we believe that he is the best suited with the most experience for the position. Promotions

  • Livelethal ( Lead Administrator -> Head Administrator )
  • Maxime ( Internal Affairs -> Head Administrator )
  • CourtezBoi ( Internal Affairs -> Head Administrator )
  • Chaos ( Lead Developer -> Head Administrator )
  • ThatGuy ( Administrator -> Lead Administrator [FMT] )
  • Einschtein
  • Nadr

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Dissapointed in the update.

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I don't like the fact that, we are skipping ranks, Its like we are in-short of administrators, It seems really fishy how the people from previous high ranks in other communities still stand in the same position, and get steroids to rank up from 0 to 100 real quick, while people who want to achieve a high rank, first time in their gaming history thrive to work harder, with all due respect [MENTION=211]CourtezBoi[/MENTION] , I don't see the system equal and fair anymore.

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