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Second Helpings Chapel

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The Second Helpings Chapel is not affiliated with any religious groups, organizations, cults,
financial, or political interests.
Services Provided

  • [*=center]
    Accomodation for city life-related meetings
    , citizens unions and rallies, grassroots and independent political movements, indoors clubs, support groups.
  • [*=center]
    Alcoholic & Addicts Anoymous
    sessions to be held on further notice.
    Sign ins through the Chapel's mailbox appreciated.
    Private counseling
    , without cultish influence or manipulations, upon request.

All of the above services are provided free of charge to any resident or passerby so long as they remain respectful to all present individuals and to the premises.
Donations are accepted, though unnecessary and awkward.
Letters through the Chapel's mailbox
(( Forum PM ))
Just drop by.

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**Should you walk along the street in Blueberry, you would encounter the following letter duct-taped to an assortment of lampposts and locations around the town.

To Community Members,

This is not a Church. This is not a Cult. This is not a Religion.This is quite the opposite.This is a group for the misfits. This is a group for the rejects.This is a group for those who do not wish to live up to a code established by the city-dwelling Elite, the right-minded, the apathetic.This is a group for those who, for too long and far too often, have been told that they were wrong, despicable, unfit, undesired.They'll tell you otherwise, but you can be whoever you want to be. Speaker Jake

(( This post is the original thread text, first post is where it's at. ))
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