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Guess it's my turn

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Hai I'm BusterAces/Buster, doing my intro because it's been a lot of departures lately so i thought i'd make it worse by making my introduction.

Animals i loveSharksDogsMovies/Series i loveThe WarriorsBlood in blood outThe WireBreaking badSoABasketball diariesScrubsFRIENDS

A few mentions @BerkayK - The real MVP, one of the smartest guys i've met. @DevilRaiden - My main chick that made me dinner. @Praxity - One of the first guys i rp'd with in oG and still does until you left me for PD you traitor. @Resident - The roots of my RP and i thank you for that baby gurl. @Gooby - My number one shoota and a brother, wuw you. @Retro - Probably the coolest staff i've met.Obviously i've missed a few but most are no longer in the server so i didn't feel like doing a mention for them.

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