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[General] - Jewlery Items

Do you think this should be implemented into the server?  

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  1. 1. Do you think this should be implemented into the server?

    • Yes, I like this idea.
    • No, I am against this idea.

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[mheader]Script Suggestion[/mheader]What would be the name of the script?

Jewlery Items

What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?


Has said suggestion been seen on other servers before?


What is the suggestion?

Just a simple Jewelry item than can be named. It wouldn't need to do anything special on clicking it or anything, just a new item made. There's two main implementations that I can see of this: One generic item, or a few more specific items. 1) One Generic Item:Simply one "Jewelry Item", where the Value defines the name (?), and thus it could be named nearly anything, covering basically any kind of jewelry. The inventory icon should either use A) A Generic "Jewelry Box", or
An assortment of Jewelry. I'd probably prefer the box. Examples of boxes:

2) Multiple Items:Multiple items for different purposes. For example, there could be one for rings, one for necklaces, one for earrings, ect. This would still allow for the name to be set for the item though, for any specifics (Quality, Material, Description, ect). This could actually be done in coordination with a "General" Jewelry item as well, so it can cover anything else. This could have an advantage of more specific inventory images, which would be cool. Like..

All of them could easily use the world-model "327" which is a small little box, that could be seen as a Jewelry / Ring box, and is small and convenient.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of this script towards the server/gameplay?

+Better than Generics+Ring no longer weighs 1kg each, burdening you down.+Looks nicer, more realistic.+Can have better jewelry economy, and make them actually worth something other than spawned for $1 to some poor soul who gets divorced later tonight.-N/A

Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?

Just new items. Shouldn't be hard.

How would you go about implementing this idea?

Just implement either one, or a few new items, setting up the image(s), and making it so the value is the name. Make world model 327, and make sure it doesn't weigh a lot, maybe like the same as a note, which I think is .01kgs?

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Back in time (spring\beginning of summer 2014) Owl had some kind of jewerly store. Still lolling at it's realisation, though:I once saw a guy who tried to sell me an diamond for 50k. On my question what does it look like, he placed wooden box item on the ground, gg...OT:yes, obviously. I believe this would be userful for people roleplaying relationships and\or families.

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