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[VEHICLE] 1993 Plymouth Laser

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Make: PlymouthModel: LaserYear: 1993Top Speed: 250 KM/HMileage: 416Description:Vehicle Tracker, 2014 Vehicle Ignition, Vehicle Alarm System.Tinted, Custom Wrap, Spoiler/Bumpers/Sideskirts/Ventilation.Accelerates from 0-100 KM/H in 2.00 Seconds. Amazing Traction and steering at both high and slow speeds.((VCT Tuned to increase steering, breaking and acceleration drastically. ))Front Wheel Drive.IMAGES


Starting Bid: $25.000Minimum Increase: $1.000Buyout: $40.000Private Bids: YesAuction Ends: 10.05.2015Contact Information:Sayuri Mizoguchi#462-381

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Name: Michael DorelinBid: BuyoutComment: i'd like to test it before
[MENTION=14448]XELL[/MENTION]))Michael Dorelin is now leading the auction with 'Buyout'. Please take contact with #462-381 for a test-drive.
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