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no5jDFo.jpgName: KennithAge: 18About me:

I'm Kennith, live in the Netherlands, in small village called Waddinxveen, a small five kilometer from Gouda (known for it's cheese). Cars are my passion and my life, as I study to become a full-time mechanic. I work with Diesel machines on my free Saturday's to earn a little money and fund for a new computer and my drivers license. I enjoy role-playing, and for a long time it has been my number one priority, however I realised that that wasn't really the best setup for life. I gained a lot of weight during the time where I gamed nonstop, and I'm still struggling to lose it. I amper still very active but it is no longer my first priority and the bond with my parents is now becoming better each day.I'm not that shy.. So if you want to know stuff, don't hesitate to ask.P.S. Excuse the large picshur, but I don't have smaller resolutions.

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