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The thread @https://forums.owlgaming.net/showthread.php?44312-This-community-is-dying-and-the-staff-are-to-blame was the thread of truth and it gets locked, why because an admin that was spoken against to got quite butt hurt and decided to just lock the thread. Let us post what we want, let us do what we want unless it goes over board like cussing at each other or just something more serious, the fact that someone tried expressing their own opinion which I can guarantee you that what was said on that thread can be voted true by most of the community and I hope you people that were on it learn a little something from that, you learn from your mistakes people. Just stop locking threads and let us post what we want God damn it, it pisses me off not being able to post what I want to express my opinion.EDIT: I'm just replying to what this is there for said This community is dying and the staff are to blame. but obviously we know its going to be [MENTION=120]Belgica[/MENTION] locking this thread, if not someone else from the community staff team requested by Belgica so post your opinions before this gets closed people.

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Guest Chase

I would have locked that thread, and I am locking this thread.If you would like to admit you were "Truth" after all, go ahead, but you should know by now how to raise your concerns. This is not it, this is a community forum, not a "I have something to bitch about so let me attack this guy just because I'm ignorant" forum.It is not hard to have an intellectual discussion, the problem is the lack of intellectual people!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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