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Belgica, it'd be great if you'd stop locking threads

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I'm sure many people will appreciate it.Here is my reply to you, since you locked it before I could submit it, for some reason.

If any of it would contain actual evidence and incidents, it'd be handled.Yet again... Big, empty words.About those pictures of yours:

Reports about Leads are handled by IA and Heads.Reports about Heads are handled by IA and Maxime.It's obvious we avoid all conflicts of interest. This was ensured when we created the IA.

About the RT contact: Just PM Livelethal about it.About LinkBook: Ask for the shortlink to be added.Oh... and the last time you got banned from the forums, was because you insulted the whole staff team by calling everyone cunts.

Generally speaking, the staff team are cunts. Yes there are good staff members but I do think most of them have wrong intentions. I keep trying to say this but every time I do, you tell me it's not true.In the photo you state that reports about you need to be done by CB, aka the IA. You, part of the UAT can undo changes IA makes, as stated by CB in the "Some common misconceptions" thread which had a professional ring to it, which was then ruined by his swearing and insulting in it.About the Linkbook shortlink, there is one. There was one made by [MENTION=146]cat[/MENTION] in the owl.pm one. It's just not mentioned to create the illusion that Findbook is the place to be. Which of course benefits your impartial staff. (HERE , lol)About the RT contact, I tagged Livelethal in that same thread. I don't know who I should take it to because it just seems like it's not an actual mistake. Especially since it's still not corrected.Evidence evidence, you always ask for it and I brought you lots of it. You tell me that I mention the same report too often. An unsolved one that could not be solved, despite all my evidence. All these times I've reported someone according to your form with provided evidence without seeing any change. Heck, I posted evidence in my thread about Rapid Towing, which got locked by [MENTION=384]Chaos[/MENTION] for providing evidence.How is your departure section for evidence?
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Dude, I litteraly just made a thread regarding that but mainly speaking about letting us post what we want but#Support

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Guest Chase

Maybe it is a problem, but this is not how discussions are to be raised. It is not hard to find a way to bring a concern to the public, this is not everyone's concern.Not being able to follow simple rules after being here for so long is not a good character trait.

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