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King - Quit (prod. Markuiz)

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I’m the King, deal with that shit,Because it’s real what I spit,And none of you bitch asses can stand beside me,You can’t be what you want to be!Because see, there’s this thing called skill,You level it up with each lyrical kill,And every hill you climb,And each controlled mind!Fuck the illuminati stuff, that shit ain’t real,Stop listenin’ to these bitches, I’m the real deal!All these whack-ass rappers is my breakfast meal!My words are made of steel,Sharper than a sword,Impalin’ your brain, so they can’t be ignored!King is my name, I’m the God of the game,All you rappers now, you’re all the same,You don’t care about music, only about fame,Braggin’ about cars, girls and money you don’t own,It is known, so everybody on their phone,Goin’ on twitter and linkbook, where it’s fuckin’ shown!I’ll take all of you on, in a freestyle battle,Don’t make me angry, or my lyrics will spill out, when I rattle!I’m a lyrical carnivore, a predator, you’re just the cattle!Rap isn’t words, written and then spoken,Rap is a jewel and the words are golden,They are worth a million and I’m the banker,You’re weightin’ us all down, you’re nothin’, but an anchor,Frankly I don’t care what you do,Just don’t cry like boo-hoo,How your fuckin’ life is miserable,When you just fuckin’ talked about stackin’ money,Otherwise we’ll be laughin’, ‘cause it’ll be funny,Because when it’s rainin’ for you, for us it’s sunny,Because you fuckin’ suck,If you feel stuck, feel free to leave you muck!Yo,I’m lyrical, towards you I’m satirical,While eatin’ cereal, but this scheme is minimal,I’m a murderer, a serial one,The one who doesn’t care about your material,‘Cause my skill is a miracle, but for me typical,Also it’s physical, for rap it’s critical,But the way you rap, it’s really stereo-typical,Bitch.

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