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[UNFILTERED] Lyrical Murderers

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by Melvin Boyd The songs "on tha rise" and "dance with the devil" by Willowfield native rapper Young Dub appear to be just another run of the mill homebrew hip hop track made with more aspirations than actual talent but a closer look at the lyrics reveals a grim inspiration: three of the names that Dub drops on the song are actual murder victims and the murder of one is narrated in full detail in the remix of the Immortal Tech hit.The "Huey" mentioned on both songs has a lot in common with a Huey Seale who was found murdered at his doorstep in Sun Street and who may or may not have been a gangbanger in a local blood set that terrorized the area: the segment of the Immortal Technique remix from 3:02 to 3:24 minutes describes his possible murder in graphical detail stating how the perpetrators lured him with the promise of buying drugs and was later shot by a unknown male going by the name of "Dee" who in the context of the song may have done so as a form of iniciation into a crip gang.The case isn't old news as rapper Chief Keef was also suspected of ordering rival Lil JoJo after releasing a series of tweets and songs implying that he had planned for his murder and with viral hit sensation Bobby Shmurda admitting to deal drugs and bragging about murders of close friends in the song "hot n***a" which lead to a series of charges of attempted murder: however a state Supreme Court in NJ ruled rap lyrics inadmissible as evidence of guilt unless they include a “strong nexus” to the crime but it hasn't stopped law enforcement agencies from using them as leads to possible felonies but also to keep track of the feuds between rival gangs and try to distinguish ringleaders and other lead figures featured or dropped in them.The LSPD has yet to comment on the situation.

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