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Head Administrator Livelethal

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Lead Administrator
Real name: Michael
Age: 21
Location: United States

About me:


Hullo there. I am Livelethal, Michael, Mikkel, Mike, Mikey, or the Big Bad Wolf or roleplay killer, whichever you prefer I've been called them all! The "live" in my name is pronounced like the live in "This is where I live" and not like the live in "alive". I don't really give a fuck if people pronounce it wrong but usually other people correct them. I've been RPing on MTA for about 6 years now off and on. After RPing for a little while on Valhalla Gaming SAMP, I started playing vG's MTA server in 2009, a bit after Concrete Gaming merged with vG. Was in the administration team in vG/rG for pretty much the whole time I played there, up to lead/head admin. I stopped/started RPing a lot, stuck with rG till it went down and quit RP/MTA shortly after.

Then I eventually started again, then joined Owl!
And here I am a lead administrator and head of the Faction Management Team. I like raKUNS. What started as an inside joke turned into a minor obsession with finding pictures of raccoons wearing clothing. I've done about every kind of RP there is or that I'm interested in so I just RP whatever I feel like RPing at any given time. I'm not sure what else to put here, already put more than I thought I would.
I love beer.
I enjoy RPing here with old friends, some I've known 5+ years as well as new ones. I'd tag them but there is simply too many to list without accidentally leaving someone out, yall know who you are.
Any questions, feel free to ask.
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hey mike // mad michel // michael // gatekeeper of my virginity // great @ shooting up igsrip'd in piece asim leka the caliph is cry
rip luka ): ......... [MENTION=1183]nazzko[/MENTION]
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