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Kiss Scarf yield - Zane/Jack/El Chris (TS)

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Real-life name: Jack.Alias: UndeadfellowAge: 17.From: London, United Kingdom.what ppl call me but v stupid: jackyboi, hijack, jack the fellow, cut4zane etc


British-African, Italian Canadian and American (all in zee blood yes?)

Yoo. As shown above, my name is Jack. I started RPing at Valhalla Gaming on San Andreas Mulitplayer (SA:MP/SAMP). I took a long ass break, started off like a recruit in the military who didn't know shit when I went and joined United-Gaming (uG, first one), in mid-February 2013, Freebird taught me how to roleplay (once more, as I used to know most of my shit on SAMP), Franco was my unofficial mentor and still kind of is, he taught me the key elements of staying immersed throughout roleplay and developing a character which he now sees from me to this day, doing. (Developing and staying immersed, etc). Over that period, I became a GameMaster but the team was wiped a couple days later by FrolicBeast because of a revolution by the GM team *cough*, after uG shut down I moved to Ace:MTA where I bettered myself and became GameMaster, later on I became a trial, eventually I got promoted to regular admin, ran the LSFD faction at Ace too. But when Roleplay Project came, I went there. Daniella Hudson was my main character. I ended up running LSFD twice at RPP throughout my time in that community, and was a GameMaster there too. After everyone heard TamFire and Anthony were re-opening United-Gaming, everyone pretty much ditched RPP and went to uG, I was one of those people, sadly, but I enjoyed uG the most as a roleplayer in MTA. Any-who, I sent David or w/e his name is (a Canadian dude who was Head Admin at uG v2) an essay on why I wanted to lead the LSFD faction, and I ended up getting the leadership. But then, due to waiting weeks and weeks, maybe even a couple months for uG v2 to open (I could be wrong based on time but it was a long time), I ended up dropping leadership and posting a departure then leaving RP for a long time.I visited the MTA server of uG V.2 for a bit a few months later, under the username "Horizon" in attempt to just anonymously wonder around and see if I spotted some old friends. I did, but the atmosphere was dead so I logged off and never went back. Then came March.. 2014 to be exact, I saw RobDogg's skype status saying "everyone go to oG that's where it's at nigga" or somethin, so I asked around on my skype contacts for the forums, Jevi gave me the link and I signed up, logged in game.Over time, I ran the LSFD faction three times, became a supporter and got accepted for trial admin in June, I got promoted to a regular administrator in mid July but left the community on September 9th, 2014. Due to preparing for college.I came back in March 2015, officially. Six month break, here I am. I posted a reinstatement, got denied for trial admin and accepted for supporter. I've been a supporter for two months now, and I have five months worth of collected experience as a supporter, two months as an admin.s/o(s):


Pogis - One of the best dudes in OwlGaming currently, hardworking great administrator, my Latvian nigga, fact. <3 @Wodrom - one of the best dudes in OwlGaming currently, my American nigga, fact. <3 @Peter - one of the other best dudes in OwlGaming currently, and my other American nigga, fact. <3 @ElChe - Viva la revolution eh?@Franco - Aforementioned + pretty cool dude in general, gud admin, fact. @Keksii - Amazing admin. Sexy Keksii, need I say more? <3 c: @Freebird - Aforementioned in my long story + was a great staff member in his time, worked his ass off, fact. @Firebird - My other Latvian nigga, was a secondary unofficial mentor to me, I always wanted to impress this cunt back in uG. @Express - For being that cunt that let me prove my worth in Ace, good friend and is a valuable staff member. @Tremmert - Same as express cx @Wright - I gasped so hard when I found out that you were in al-Najjar with me, great administrator, fact! <3 @ThatGuy - That guy who was victimized by Shrek. Great admin! Fact! <3 @Chase - the king of kings, the one who called checkmate. Works his ass off, fair player and great lad in general. Good admen/sup. @Optimism - bae

- Probably missing people out. Sometimes you got to do what is have to done.


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go back to jack
Eyyy, Tone, you take care of that thing we talked bout with that guy from the other place of that second thing ?
ayyyy uh, all's taken care of vinny!
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