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Name: Dale Mason

Age: 21

Location: West Midlands, England



Hobbies/Interests: PC Gaming, Console Gaming, Time with GF, Breaking my car


About Me: I am Dale, I live with my parents and my girlfriend. I work as a Sales Administrator for an Agricultural Produce Distributor.

Spent about the last 10 years or so playing games on PC and Consoles, owned various PC home-builds as well as all the Playstation consoles, I've had a Xbox 360 twice as well. The console I've kept the longest is probably a Playstation 2 though, but that I'm sure is going to be superseded by a Playstation 4 (I stick kick myself for not completing 'Heavy Rain' on PS3).




Well, that's me!



My shoutout goes to @@Tremmert - Long term friend, right from the vG days.

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How have you not finished heavy rain?!?!?
stahp! I know how the story finishes, and who was responsible for the kidnap and murder (IIRC?) however, it was/is one hell of a game.
You have been playing for 10 years? You started when you were only 3? Damn!
L2read. :C
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Breaking my car

FINALLY! You admit it!
Sucks at CS:GO just like his friend Tremmert
You wish, totally carried your ass to Gold Nova.
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[MENTION=16]Pogis[/MENTION] Break a leg... oh wait a minute... [MENTION=7060]Blastafary[/MENTION] Words cannot describe how awful you are at GO.Well [MENTION=5081]Plurfect[/MENTION] you know that's what you gotta do when you roll with my Crew. :D

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