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2004 Volkswagen Golf R32

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eWU2WLT.pngSan Andreas Highway Patrol - Seized Vehicle Auction2002-volkswagen-golf-r32-00005.jpgYear: 2004Make: VolkswagenModel: Golf R32Top Speed: 202 KM/HMileage: 2402*Description: This auction is sanctioned by the SAHP. The vehicle is a seized vehicle. All proceeds benefit the SAHP and improved safety for the citizens of San Andreas. (VIN: 12415)Images:


Starting Bid: $5,000Minimum Increase: $500Buyout: $7,500Auction ends: Indefinite until sold, 5 hours from last bidContact Information: 611 or Comment Below


[B]Contact Info:[/B]
[B]Bid Amount:[/B] [I]*The Option to select "Buyout" would appear next to this, disabling the entry box if checked ((put Buyout))*[/I]



All credits to the Los Santos Auction House for the format.

Title Legend
  • (PB) - Pending bids (those interested can place their bids)
  • (PS) - Auction paused (owner claimed the vehicle)
  • (AP) - Awaiting payment (highest bidder won)
  • (PR) - Payment received, awaiting for the bidder to claim the vehicle
  • (AE) - Auction ended, vehicle was sold

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Congratulations! You've won the auction! Please submit your payment of $5,500 to the bank account of the 'San Andreas Highway Patrol'. Submit a reply here with proof of payment ((Screen Shot)), and then call #611 in order to proceed with acquiring your new vehicle. Thank you, and enjoy! (( @HIV tag me when you reply with SS also, please))

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Chris Johnson has received the vehicle 2004 Volkswagen Golf R32 from the San Andreas Highway Patrol and is now the full owner of the vehicle.

Tranfer receipt:(OOC Screenshot)

Buyers Info:
Name: Chris Johnsons contact info: 395453Starting Bid
Peace Officer's info who gave out the vehicle:
Full Name: Charlie Bishop
Rank: MajorBadge Number: #002
(( L&A Please ))
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