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I know my glasses are nice.






Name: Andreas


Age: 19


Location: Norway


Interests: I do must say I am a big fan of sleeping, eating food whenever I want and playing computer games, meaning I'm a perfectly normal human being.



GTA History: Well, back in 2009 I started playing SA:MP, where I first joined a freeroam / roleplay community, after a little while playing there, I got myself into a staff position, which was the first time I ever was a part of a staff team on GTA in general. After playing on Roleplay / Freeroam for a couple of years (5 to be exact), my buddy @@Shanks over here got me interested in MTA after telling me about all the features MTA had that SA:MP didn't, and that's when I started playing here, which was back in January 2015. After playing here for a couple of weeks, I got to know a few great people such as @@Nadr @@Ron @@Almeida @@Pogis (the list is long) .. and eventually, the most epic man on OwlGaming @@Lewis



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Uncle uncle.

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